Nahargarh Fort Foothill | Now

Posting here, the following picture, which depicts the NOW moment. Click now or repent forever! For the scene changes, every minute! A Jaipur photographer clicking the perfect “now” moment shot as the Sun dawns upon Jaipur city during the early morning! This picture was clicked at the base of the Nahargarh Fort.


(This post has been created in response to Weekly Photo challenge – Now)


4 thoughts on “Nahargarh Fort Foothill | Now

  1. Hi Arv!

    This picture is unique in more than two ways as it captures the beauty of nature along with fantastic human effort…albeit conveying the subtle message – mankind can never match natural beauty – look at the majestic hillocks of two kinds, standing tall despite the beautiful city!
    Challenge, well taken! My best wishes.

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    1. Thanks balroop! As you pointed out.. The unique thing is rocky hill alongside sand dune!! The photographer was trying to capture the scene before everything changes… the scene and moment. During both sunset and sunrise, the Change is fast and dramatic

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