arjun of maharbharata in jaipur

Arjuna Statue In Jaipur

A statue of Arjuna was recently unveiled in Jaipur.

Statue of Arjuna


arjun of maharbharata in jaipur
Arjuna is considered to be one of the finest Archer, ever!

Arjuna was one of the five Pandava brothers from the epicย  Mahabharata. He was a key players in both Mahabharata and Bhagwat Gita along with the Lord Krishna,ย  considered as best Archer ever!! Therefore, the Statue of Arjunaย  has been unveiled in line with the Arjuna award being given by the Government of India to sports persons, in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of sports.

arjun awards in sports recognition jaipur
Another view of Arjuna Statue

Located on Tonk Road, at the entrance gate of SMS stadium, the intention of establishing this statue was to recognize Arjuna award winners from the state and also to encourage the sports persons. The location couldn’t have been better, for its located right at the entrance of a sports complex.

arjun awards in sports recognition jaipur
The statue of Arjuna has been painstakingly made after lots of efforts and modelling by artist Mr Rajkumar Sharma

The statue is 55 feet high made up of Ashtadhaatu – comprising eight metals. It weights 7 tonne & isย  placed on a pedestal. The cost of the statue is estimated to be Rs 2.75 Crore/ Rs 27.5 Million. The statue was made by Mr Rajkumar Sharma, an artist.

Statue of Arjuna with the pedestal

The entire area has been beautifully landscaped and includes cobbled stone path. Here is an overview.

arjuna of mahabharata statue in jaipur at sms stadium
Statue of Arjuna at the entrance gate of SMS Stadium in Jaipur.

Pink sand stone has been extensively used in this project along with black granite, at the base of statue. This sand stone is typical to Karauli and Dholpur regions of Rajasthan. This stone is quite popular & used extensively in buildings in Jaipur.

There are plans to list all 44 Arjuna award winners, till date from the state in an area specially designated, which is the wall around the statue. Here is a picture of this area.

The area behind Arjuna statue in Jaipur

On the pillars installed in the above picture, there are smaller statues depicting various sports. As of now only few statue have been installed. Large number of pillars are devoid of these small statues.


Arjuna statue near SMS stadium, Jaipur

A close up of few of these statues

small statue around Arjuna statue in Jaipur
Statue depicting games. Arjuna Statue, Jaipur
smaller statue depicting a game.
A closer view of beautifully landscaped area around the Arjuna Statue, Jaipur
Impressive! Arjuna Statue, Jaipur

Although the statue was unveiled in hurry, in November 2015 due to approaching Resurgent Rajasthan conclave, the project is yet to be completed, fully. Some smaller statues are yet to be installed along with names of Arjuna award winners.

It is claimed that this project was conceived 7-8 years ago, but change of Government caused the delays.

It’s not really a tourist site but such installation surely adds to the beauty of the city and also acknowledge the achievements of deserving sports persons.




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      The place looks different in the night, when its all lit up! hope to capture that someday!

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