A Sunrise In Jaipur At The Barren Hills

For this week’s Friday Skywatch, here is a picture of Sunrise in Jaipur. This picture was captured from a hilltop near forest famous for Jhalana Leopard Safari.

Sunrise. Friday Skywatch

This location, at the edge of the city, is bound by a series of hills that are devoid of any vegetation and all one can see on the surface is loose gravel. At the most, you’ll find a Β tree or two around ….and maybe few cactus!!

Climbing on these hills poses another set of challenges – finding firm footing! There are pretty high chances of slipping and injuring yourself because the moment you plant your feet on the surface, the gravel under your sole moves!Β  This problem compounds in case of the descend!

Anyway, the white building located between hills in the center of the frame is an old temple which I didn’t visit this time! Some other day!

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37 thoughts on “A Sunrise In Jaipur At The Barren Hills

  1. Watching sun rise is a great way to motivate oneself and prepare to whatever the day is going to throw at us! We also connect sun rise with yoga, perfect time to practice! Beautiful composition of the picture!

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    1. I can only agree with you on this one. Surely, there cannot be better place or time for doing your daily round of suryanamaskar. thanks for liking and commenting.


    1. Thank you Josh! I have been clicking Sunrise pictures for one and half years. with only few weeks of miss. In my opinion, apart from the intensity of Sun which varies drastically during summer and winter season, it’s only the “accouterments” that makes the difference…like clouds,hills etc. Do you also capture Sunrise?

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      1. Actually I usually don’t see the sunrise, because I mostly work in the afternoons/evenings. So I am rarely up early enough to see them. But when I do get to see the sunrise I think it’s more spectacular than sunset. There are more colors during the sunset, but my mind is usually still mostly asleep in the morning. So there are no thoughts to distract me from enjoying the beauty of the rising sun.

        As far as capturing it, as of now I’m not much of a photographer. I’ve been thinking about getting into it for a while though.


      2. Good to hear from you josh! I don’t get to experience much of sunsets as I’m in office. As you said both sunrises and sunsets are beautiful! It’ll be great if you can capture them! Have a great week ahead Josh! πŸ™‚

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  2. Thanks arv! for sharing such a beautiful picture. I have seen only one beautiful sunrise at Kasauni about 30 years ago when the enthusiasm of watching every possible beauty could override the warmth of bed and sweet morning sleep! I appreciate your passion for natural beauty πŸ™‚

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    1. Having enjoyed years of rising up late…I can understand the situation that you have outlined! I guess with me, now the “wiring” has changed completely ! Thanks for appreciation

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