The State of Mind | A Tourist

(This post has been created in response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge – State of Mind)

This picture comes from the collection  captured on my first photo walk here in Jaipur along with some other amateur photographers. By the way, this was captured many months ago and it was soon after I had bought my first DSLR.

On the occasion of World Heritage Day,  we ventured inside Jantar Mantar solar observatory located in city palace complex for capturing pictures. Seated on the bench, near the entrance was this tourist, lost in his world…in his own state of mind. I don’t why but I had to capture this shot and so I did….

Tourist at Jantar Mantar Solar Observatory, Jaipur.

I never ran into any of those amateur photographers, ever again. I have stayed away from organized photo walks after first experience. While such walks are great for meeting new people and discovering new places, I believe photography is a creative process that cannot be bound by  specific path or time frame. I prefer photo walks with like minded photographers rather than big groups! That’s my state of mind...

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This post is part of Weekly Photo Challenge – State of Mind


21 thoughts on “The State of Mind | A Tourist

    1. Well, my perception changed after joining one! but yes, I would still say photo walks are good option to meet new people! whether that works for you or not is a different matter all together!


    1. when I clicked this one, I never knew it will be used in WPC one day! It was just sitting in my hard disk… 🙂
      I’m happy that I had opportunity to share it with you all!


    1. Thank you! When I shot the frame, all these parameters weren’t thought of.I just composed and captured because the subject was too good to lose! Thanks for commenting!

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  1. You do a great job of capturing the sights of Jaipur. I see you have widgets to the right and below of your website. IIt is a lot of choices for clicking through. Perhaps would you consider having just one of them?

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    1. Thanks so much for giving me real feedback. if you can specifically point which widgets can be removed or you found similar, that’ll help me a lot.
      Two widgets which I find being duplicated are visitor log and top posts. any other?


      1. I would do away with blog activity widget as “past posts” widget has a similar function of finding posts by date. You can move the blog I follow to the right; this way, your layout is widget free below 🙂

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      2. Hi Nivs24! As suggested by you, I have trimmed out the footer, drastically! I’m not sure what all I can add more or subtract from footer…I hope this is looking better than before!

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    1. Thank you… 🙂
      This was a candid shot. It’s true human mind holds many secrets! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and liking my blog! 🙂


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