Friday Skywatch-Sunrise/Lift off

Posted for Friday Skywatch

How about lifting off from the ground and enjoying the views of countryside?

Jaipur. Skywatch Friday

Clicked earlier this week,on a day when the clouds decided to cover the Sunrise. Sun on the other hand wasn’t doing to give away….so easily! And I decided to make the most out of this situation & share it here with you!


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27 thoughts on “Friday Skywatch-Sunrise/Lift off

    1. Thank You Peter…Capturing Sunrise has become habit now! 🙂
      No I’, not on Flickr anymore…I didn’t like the experience as it would take awfully long time to load. So I have given up on image sharing sites! I appreciate your suggestion, probably I need to look at some other option.


  1. Your sunrises are so mesmerizing, they always spark an image, a story. In this one I see the clouds as two friends parting to shine the light between them, the light of love!


    1. Som! I must appreciate your visualization and interpretation…you can be a good story teller! You had interpreted earlier as well…Bravo!
      By the way, are you on instgram/twitter/FB ?
      Thank you for appreciating… 🙂

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