View of the Kanak Vrindavan Garden In Jaipur

I had earlier written about two Kanak Vrindavan temples in Kanak Ghati, JaipurNatwar Ji temple, and Radha Madhav Temple. I’m sure most of you must have read both these posts. There is yet another element in the Kanak Ghati apart from these two temples, the Kanak Vrindavan Garden patterned on the famous Mughal style gardens like the Nishat & Shalimar gardens in Srinagar and the one at  Taj Mahal, Agra. However, the Kanak Vrindavan Garden is quite small in comparison. I’ll reserve a full post for some other day.

I’m posting here, a picture of the Kanak Vrindavan Garden in the foreground and the Mansagar Lake in the background, captured earlier this month when I visited the Natwarji Temple out of a chance event.


This picture evokes a feeling of grace and serenity. It’s quite like a picture postcard. With this kind of stunning views, it’s not hard to understand why Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II chose this site for building a temple for Lord Govind Dev Ji. You can read the complete story here in this post –  Kanak Vrindavan Temple & Garden- Part 1/ Natwar Ji Temple

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This post is inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge – Graceful. Check out all previous posts on Weekly Photo ChallengeClick here



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