Jaipur Sunset Sky on Republic Day

Technically, it’s still winter here in Jaipur, but for the last few days, the chill factor is completely missing. With the daytime temperature hovering around 24-26 C, the weather suddenly took a U-turn on Wednesday, sending clouds and rain to the city. This is how the Jaipur sky looked, last evening.

The dramatic Jaipur Sky. Skywatch Friday

With continuous shower throughout the day, here is a view of  India’s “Tricolor” flag at Central Park, Jaipur on India’s 68th Republic Day!

206 Feet high Indian flag as seen from Tapri, Jaipur

On a cold, wet and windy morning, the walkers, runners, and joggers at Central Park were totally missing. The parking lot in the park wore a deserted look.

Expansive view of the surrounding area of Central Park, Jaipur.

All pictures have been shot using a Smartphone.

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54 thoughts on “Jaipur Sunset Sky on Republic Day

  1. Excellent job capturing your sky views with your smartphone. Isn’t technology grand? You can see my SWF post here and if you’d like some giggles then feel to check out my Friday Sillies segment! 😉 Have a good day and be blessed!

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    1. Hi Cathy! Thanks for checking out skywatch pictures. Yes, technology is amazing. I have started using smartphone for pictures, lately. I’m happy that you dropped by to check out skywatch pictures. If you skywatch you can ore pictures on the site under Jaipur sky category on the main page. 🙂


  2. Love the pictures, as if watching thru a veil. Remember seeing this flag when I visited Jaipur . Made me nostalgic. I think that year only I started seeing magnificent big flags.

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    1. I’m happy if it rekindled your memory. When this flag was installed, it was supposedly the biggest flag in the country at 206 ft but now it’s not the case. Is there any other remarkable Indian flag like this one?


    1. Thank You! To Learn smartphone photography you have to learn new skill as well as apply the general principles! Do you also use smartphone to click most of your pictures?


    1. To be honest, I prefer some light. I feel light creates dramatic pictures…even if it’s available in small amount. Just look at first pictures and compare it with other two. The rest two are quite flat! Well, this is my experience..everyone has their own! 🙂

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    1. Thank You Peter. This picture captures the central area of the city. We don’t have too many high rises here in this part of the city so it doesn’t have concrete-ty kind of feel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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  3. I cant imagine it raining in India. The photographs make it look a bit like England ( save for the vegetation!) You mention the temperate improving, its like our summer ( 24 to 26 HA HA ) But nice to see it in the rain, and I daresay everyone was happy
    I have just come back from South Africa. Not rained there for months and they were down to 50 days of clean drinking water

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    1. Jaipur receives good amount of rainfall in July-Sept window when Monsoon is active. In winters, it’s restricted to just 2-3 bouts of rains. Usually, the temperature dips to 3-5 C in winters.
      I’m sure without rains, it must be tough for the people in South Africa!

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  4. Sounds like very tropical weather there in India. Does look gloomy in the winter and I’m guessing it was humid because of the rain. Happy Republic Day for last week, and hope it was a good one.

    It is very nice temperatures there you are having for winter, even hotter than quite a few of our summer days here in Australia. I am jealous!

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    1. Mabel it’s not gloomy here in Jaipur during winters. In fact, we hardly get any rains here during winters. It’s mostly for 2-3 days max! It’s quite sunny, actually. 🙂


      1. Good. Hope you have more sunshine so you can go out and about and take more photos 🙂 We are getting a lot of rain here in Melbourne this summer. But today, it is 37’C. I love it but too bad I have to work 😀

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      2. Thanks…we’re already getting plenty of sunshine these days. Perfect for photography!
        I know it’s a real downer when you want to go out and enjoy a great day but you have to work! Don’t worry…weekend is just around the corner! Btw, if it’s too not personal to ask, which field are you into Mabel?


      3. More sunshine, more light to work with. The sharper your shots can be 🙂 Which field? If you mean photography, then long exposures is my end goal. If you mean work, now that will be a mystery to everyone 😀

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