Morning Be Like This?

I have often wondered what the morning should be like?  There are no standard answers.

“Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.”

Have you ever woken up early and uncovered the layers of nature? Let me share these pictures from my recent excursion in Jhalana forest, Jaipur which has now become extremely popular for its  Jhalana Leopard Safari. These pictures were shot using a mobile phone.





As someone said…..

“I drink a cup of sunlight every morning to brighten myself.”

And yet another with the DSLR.


Posting this for Parul’s ThursdayTreeLove, Friday Skywatch, and Weekly Photo Challenge –Layers.









100 thoughts on “Morning Be Like This?

    1. Thank You, Pradita! It is just a matter of choice. For years, I used to get up late in morning. I had no idea what I missed. Now, even if I sleep at 2 AM on sat night I try getting up by 4-5 least on Sunday! The change is purely how you are “wired”! 🙂


  1. Beautiful. The Sun sure spreads lot of happiness even for me, it is a fav to click the rising or setting Sun.
    I do get to see the sunrise once in a month or two but really enjoy the setting Sun on a more regular basis, just day before yest saw the most spectacular ball of red orange but as I was driving I could not capture it in frame.
    Yes, the initial quote indeed is so correct 😀.

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    1. Happy to know, Ashu! I’m sure even though you get this opportunity only once in a month or must be a big motivator! Why don’t you post pictures of sunrise or sunset on your blog? We all will know what we are missing! 😉

      Asking someone to get up early is considered equivalent of punishing! 🙂

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      1. Sure will post some of my fav Sun pics, Arv. Getting up early is a daily ritual, but going out of the concrete jungle to catch a glimpse of the rising Sun is not a regular thing. Get to view the sunset often if I time my walks around that time 🙂

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      1. In recent years coffee has really caught on. Unfortunately, very few places understand cofffee that well, here in Jaipur. By the way, I made a post on tea culture in jaipur. Did you read that one, Mick?

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      2. Mick, I think many differences are blurring now. People are more open towards new things and experimentation. Also, people now get bored easily so they need something new every now and then. Thanks for sharing your views, Mick!

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