Pigeons at Albert Hall Museum In Jaipur

Pigeons are synonymous with Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur. Capturing them in flight for Wordless Wednesday.


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36 thoughts on “Pigeons at Albert Hall Museum In Jaipur

  1. I love monochrome shots! Do not know why such connect with them but i just do…may be it gives me a raw feeling!
    Try to capture such shots using fast shutter speed some where around 1/1200th of a second. Do give it a try next time.

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    1. Keerthi, I guess some pictures definitely look better in monochrome. Monochrome sometimes puts life or intensity in pictures.

      I know fast shutter will freeze this frame better but the creative aspect of slow Mo will be lost. But I’ll shoot two next time slow and fast shutter! Thanks for the lovely inputs, Keerthi.

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      1. Yeah I understood the reason behind the low shutter speed you choose for this click as your focus was to capture the building behind.
        I was talking about the scenario with birds in focus. Would love to see that click in ur blog. 🙂

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      2. Well there’s​ was no specific reason for clicking this picture but out here​I wanted to bring out an important element. This building is surrounded by pigeons constantly in movement. That’s what I wanted to bring out. Pigeons are soul of this building. I guess photography is a creative aspect and we all can have different perspective on same scenario. That’s the beauty of it… what do you think?

        Bird in focus? Certainly but I guess from another angle and point. I get that. 😊👍

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  2. An amazing photo! I especially like the b/w effect. I also love the way you caught the pigeons in flight in front of that beautifully ornate building. We have quite a few Albert Halls in the UK but I don’t think any are museums. (I’ll have to check that.)

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    1. Millie, Albert hall has many UK connection as it was built under supervision of a British engineer Samuel Swinton Jacob, built in honor of King Albert Edward during his Jaipur visit. 🙂


      1. It is simple. Just share a picture on your blog that you feel fits the theme. You don’t have to write anything or explain. If you want to, that’s fine too. A couple of bloggers participate in this and there’s a link where you post your link. Surely, fellow bloggers will head over and check your blog post for WW. I participate whenever I feel I have something to contribute; not every week. Let me know if you decide to participate, will share the link as well. You can check out other blogs. Thanks for sharing your name, Anjana 🙂

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    1. I’m not hosting this, Anajana. Actually, there are many bloggers posting for the Wordless Wednesday. There many Blogspot bloggers posting for it as well and link it up here- A few of WordPress bloggers are also hosting links. One of them is Esha. she writes on theskygirlcom.

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