Morning Thoughts At Sunrise

I often wonder why I get to see more sunset pictures than sunrise on blogs, Instagram, and Facebook. Is it too hard to get up in the morning? During the last few years, I could manage to see many spectacular sunrises. I have shared some sunrises in Jaipur in the form of pictures on the blog and on Instagram as well. I’m sure some of you must be able to witness either sunrise or sunset. Does sunset or sunrise trigger some thoughts in your mind? I’m sharing morning thoughts from one such occasion during a sunrise here in Jaipur along with pictures.


This sunrise reminded me of a famous quote on the morning.

“Turn your face to the sun

and the shadow falls behind you”

-Jan Goldstein




Posting this for Friday Skywatch.


On this very day, I came across many groups of morning walkers who start when it is still dark much before the sunrise. They became friends due to morning walk ritual; sticking to the schedule for years. Probably they find morning walk an opportunity to meet, discuss, and laugh with friends. I don’t know what is their “mojo”? Morning walk? Friends? Or both?  What do you think? Do you also go for a morning walk?

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Morning Thoughts!

106 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts At Sunrise

  1. Sorry for missing this post, Arvind. I would really love for you to leave a link in my comment box. The ping-back fails to show up 😦
    I loved your pictures. I am a morning person but the challenge is most mornings are rushed so evenings are peaceful to watch a sunset 🙂
    And walks, I love them – mostly seeing people and how day shapes each person. Some running for work, some dropping children to school, some enjoying the morning. 🙂

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    1. I did mention about my post in your comment but I didn’t post link there. Anyways, it does happen sometimes.
      I can understand that morning is busy time for all of us who have office to take care of. I usually reserve weekends for sunrise. Balancing between late nights and getting up early is like walking on a tight rope. 😁

      Bangalore is quite blessed for morning walks with so many gardens. You have an amazing place called cubbon park. Do you go for morning walks on a regular basis?

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      1. Yes, if there is. Ping back or link in comments, I can’t trace.
        I love cubbon Park. It’s a paradise. I used to walk and now with the workout classes, I walk during statuses at work. It’s a good way to keep the body moving.
        I have a few tree pics from Cubbon Park in my archives. I should pull them out. 🙂

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      2. Parul, when I first visited Bangalore years ago and every time I would pass through Vidhan sabha or Cubbon park, I wanted to get down and walk around. It felt like an amazing place. Sadly, my trip to Bangalore were always packed and I never had opportunity to do. This time I made it a point to visit Cubbon park in morning and I was happy to do so. There are some great spots inside the park where light streams through gap in thick foliage providing a divine feeling.

        Well, I have shot couple of pictures from today’s trek for your TTL. Weather is amazing in Jaipur for photography currently. Can’t wait to share them! 🙂

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  2. Wow! I fell in love with these beautiful pictures… I used to go for morning walks and enjoyed the calm, serenity, fresh breeze and the silence of the mornings…. due to my health issues… I am unable to … hopefully waiting to resume my walking soon…

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    1. Hi Angela! Happy to hear from you. I can visualize all that you have written about morning walk experience as I read your comment. I’m sorry to hear that currently you are unable to undertake morning walks. Wishing you speedy recovery! I’m hoping that you will be able to return back to your routine of morning walk, very soon! Thanks for sharing your views and thoughts, Angela!

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      1. Aah! I see. Glad that I could be of some use to you 😊 I’m decidedly a morning person. Somehow starting the day early leaves me feeling more positive about the day. I think you’re a morning person too. All these pics of him the sunrise will attest to that.

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      2. During my school years, I was never a morning person. Not that I didn’t like getting up early but I did have luxury of late school. Over the last few years, things have changed. On weekends, I get up really early to be able to drive out of city and experience the sunrise and nature. So yes, you can say I have become a morning person. Happy to know that we share this 🙂

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    1. I know, Maniparna sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between sunset and sunrise in a picture. They are so similar. Happy to hear that you love both sunset and sunrise. Why don’t you share pictures of the same on your blog?

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    1. Absolutely, Neel. And that’s something you realise when you are in the mighty Himalayas. In the urban jungle, catching a sunrise is almost impossible thanks to highrise concrete all around!

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