Morning Thoughts At Sunrise

I often wonder why I get to see more sunset pictures than sunrise on blogs, Instagram and Facebook. Is it too hard to get up in morning? During last few years, I could manage to see many spectacular sunrises. I have shared some of those in form of pictures on blog and on Instagram as well. I’m sure some of you must be able to witness either sunrise or sunset. Does sunset or sunrise trigger some thoughts in your mind? I’m sharing a morning thoughts from one such occasion during a sunrise here in Jaipur along with pictures.


This sunrise reminded me of a famous quote.

“Turn your face to the sun

and the shadow falls behind you”

-Jan Goldstein




Posting this for Friday Skywatch and Thursday Tree Love.  Find more posts in Jaipurthrumylens on Friday Skywatch. Linking to Parul’s ThursdayTreeLove – 31


On this very day, I came across many groups of morning walkers who start when it is still dark much before the sunrise. They became friends due to morning walk ritual; sticking to the schedule for years. Probably they find morning walk an opportunity to meet, discuss and laugh with friends. I don’t know what is their “mojo”? Morning walk? Friends? Or both?  What do you think? Do you also go for a morning walk?

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Morning Thoughts!

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