Farzi Cafe Jaipur Reveiw

Farzi Cafe Jaipur/ Farzified

There was a lot of buzz and anticipation during the last few months among the food circle on the opening of Farzi Cafe in Jaipur. Farzi Cafe has created a big name over a short period of time with its chain of restaurants having a novel menu and cosmopolitan & stylish interiors. The hip urban crowd loves Farzi cafe because it offers more than just a restaurant.

Farzi Cafe Jaipur Reveiw
Farzi Cafe, Jaipur at Hotel Radisson, MI Road, Jaipur

Owner of Farzi Cafe is Zorawar Kalra, son of a famous Indian chef Jiggs Kalra who like Sanjeev Kapoor, Gaggan Anand, and Vikas Khanna has made Indian cuisine popular the world over. The literal meaning of the word Farzi is “unreal”. The way Farzi Cafe sees itself is “creating the illusion”. In their own words, Farzi Cafe presents Indian cuisine where culinary art meets the alchemy of modern presentations and cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy to absorb the guest into the ultimate gastronomic illusion.

What makes Farzi Cafe special?

It’s difficult to describe Farzi Cafe. It’s a unique fusion of a cafe and lounge serving Indian cuisine with a twist. The underlying concept behind this restaurant chain is “molecular gastronomy”; a fad like many others. I have experienced Farzi Cafe at UB City in Bangalore last year. Sharing pictures from my visit.

Farzi Cafe, UB City, Bangalore
Picture of Farzi Cafe, Bangalore at UB City

Farzi Cafe opened its door to the public in Jaipur recently at Hotel Radisson, MI Road. I heard mixed reviews which gave me good reasons to explore. Apparently, it’s been running packed and busy. I visited Farzi Cafe along with friends on a Sunday evening with prior booking.

Farzi Cafe Jaipur at Hotel Radisson, MI Road, Jaipur.

In comparison to Farzi Cafe in Bangalore, the atmosphere in Jaipur outlet is understated with somber interiors. It somehow recreates ambiance of a lounge. Whether that’s good or bad, I will leave this for the visitors to decide.


Farzi Cafe, Jaipur. Indoor seating


Farzi Cafe, Jaipur. Outdoor seating.

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Farzi Cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating; latter for those who love open air. Despite this, it can seat at max 150-200 pax. I must appreciate the choice of music being played here by the DJ who dished out hits from 90’s and early 2000’s. Played a tad louder, you might find it difficult to converse. But overall, music sets the ambiance.


The food tasted familiar having been to Farzi Cafe in Bangalore as mentioned above. Dal Chawal Arancini is their most loved creation and it’s no surprise why it is so.

Dal Chawal Aracini Farzi Cafe Jaipur
Dal Chawal Arcini. Farzi Cafe, Jaipur

Ras Malai Tres leches is a real treat.

Ras malai Tres leches Farzi Cafe Jaipur Menu
Ram Malai Tres Leches. Farzi Cafe, Jaipur.


paneer gravy sabzi farzi cafe jaipur menu


Dal Makhani Farzi cafe jaipur hotel radisson mi road
Dal Makhani. Farzi Cafe, Jaipur


Farzi Cafe Jaipur Hotel Radisson Khasa Kothi


photo golgappa platter farzi cafe jaipur zomato menu
Golgappa Platter. Farzi Cafe, Jaipur

Regular Indian food consisting of Paneer, Dal Makhni was good as well. Parle G Cheesecake was too much to handle and unless you are a cheesecake fan, you are unlikely to fall in love with it.

Parle G Cheesecake. Farzi Cafe, Jaipur

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There are no grouses when it comes to food. In fact, it is quite consistent with the one in Bangalore. Service despite being a weekend with packed tables was quick. Presentation of the food was excellent though it’s not novel since cafe in Jaipur has been serving in a similar way for a while. Socials and Farzi Cafe have been innovating presentation of Indian food but others have caught up and the delayed launch of Farzi Cafe in Jaipur means it’s no more a novelty.

Farzi Apple Foaminitni. A green apple martini version by Farzi Cafe, Jaipur






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So how do I sum up my experience at Farzi Cafe in Jaipur? Well, I will say it’s better than average. It didn’t sweep me off the floor on any of these parameters – food, ambiance, and service. It’s crisp and worth a visit.  The choice of site is excellent and there is every chance that Farzi Cafe will continue to be popular among the youth. I’m sure weekends will always be packed. If you want to try something similar, there’s a great place on the other side of MI Road – Jaipur Adda. They too have something similar to Parle G Cheesecake! Here are pictures of Jaipur Adda.






43 thoughts on “Farzi Cafe Jaipur/ Farzified

    1. Raghav, the concept of Farzi Cafe is now replicated by almost everyone here, which is why I mentioned that it is not a novel concept anymore. The only thing that pulls people is the name. The food was consistent with what I ate in Bangalore. The service can surely be improved. In Jaipur outlet, I feel they should have done better interiors. As I mentioned in my last para, there are a couple of similar places to try.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In any case, the “molecular gastronomy” is a fad. In food, either you offer basics – good food at good price else you reinvent yourself because it’s a show business! You have to figure out ways to excite people.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. These days even other cafe’s have started presenting food in a similar style, so I wouldn’t say that Farzi cafe is a pioneer anymore. That’s exactly the reason why I mentioned that it didn’t sweep me off on any aspects.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Comparing it with a similar category of cafe, it is in line with what others charge. But going by general standards​, it is higher. Generally, Indian food is not meant to be “dressed” like French food is but in most cafe’s and restaurants a lot of importance is paid towards this aspect. I guess we have moved towards globalised world so cross-breeding of food is also an accepted norm.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Karalee, I think it’s all about the novelty factor. If you have experienced this before, it surely won’t.
      I’m thinking you will love Parle G Cheesecake.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


    1. You live in Cork? well, I think you are the first blogger I have come across from this region. Must be a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing information. 🙂


  1. This is a detailed review starting from the ambience to the music to end with the food and location… so well penned. Arv, the pictures of the food are so tempting and mouthwatering. I am hungry now 🙂 I heard of the Farzi Cafe chain but never visited one. Now, your post has motivated me to visit the one in Pune. Thanks 🙂


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