Jaipur Sunrise From The Hill

I’m sharing a picture of the sunrise in Jaipur shot during my trekking excursion. Sitting atop a hill, I couldn’t avoid capturing this beautiful view on my phone.  Let me also share with you these lines penned by H.W. Longfellow, an American poet that seems most befitting.

I stood upon the hills

when heaven’s wide arch

Was glorious with the sun’s returning march

And woods were brightened

and soft gales

Went forth to kiss the sun-clad vales……..


What I like in this picture is a depiction of the winter landscape – the soft sun, haze, and the bare tree.

Posting this for Friday Skywatch and Thursday Tree Love

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41 thoughts on “Jaipur Sunrise From The Hill

    1. Thank You! I agree…bare trees make for a great photographic opportunity. In monsoon, these trees become really green. I’m sure you must be aware of Monsoon phenomenon. I have written a post on how the forest transforms with first few showers.

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