The Dreamy Winter Sunrise

After a long hiatus, I’m posting pictures of Jaipur sunrise.



Until the start of this year, I have posted pictures of sunrises or sunsets almost every week. Here I’m again with the sunrise pictures near the most epic place for the sunrise in Jaipur, Nahargarh Fort.

I mentioned in one of my posts that the sunrise point at Nahargarh Fort is best avoided for a variety of reasons. I found a better option to witness a sunrise near Nahargarh Fort.

Read: Why sunrise at Nahargarh Fort is not a good idea?



I captured this picture seated from a lovely spot devoid of the crowd with a smartphone a few minutes after the sunrise. The colors are typical of smartphone pictures. I feel the pictures clicked by smartphones are better than a DSLR in many situations. This is because smartphones do a better job at evaluative metering. To me, this picture looks dreamy because of blue and pink tint. Here is another dreamy picture that I posted in A Glimpse Of A Soft Winter Sun Check it out!

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