The Dreamy Jaipur Winter Sunrise

After a long hiatus, I’m posting pictures of a sunrise in Jaipur. Until the start of this year, I have posted pictures of sunrises or sunsets almost every week. Here I’m again with the sunrise pictures near the most epic place for the sunrise in Jaipur- Nahargarh Fort.


I mentioned in one of my posts that the sunrise point at Nahargarh Fort is best avoided for a variety of reasons. I found a better option to witness a sunrise near Nahargarh Fort.

Read: Why sunrise at Nahargarh Fort is not a good idea?


I captured this picture seated from a lovely spot devoid of the crowd with a smartphone a few minutes after the sunrise. The colors are typical of smartphone pictures. I feel the pictures clicked by smartphones are better than a DSLR in many situations. This is because smartphones do a better job of evaluative metering. To me, this picture looks dreamy because of the blue and pink tint. Here is another dreamy picture that I posted in A Glimpse Of A Soft Winter Sun Check it out!

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69 thoughts on “The Dreamy Jaipur Winter Sunrise

      1. The temperature does go bellow 10 degree but it does not feels like so and this winter the temperature did not get low beyond 15 degree till date and the feeling was even more, thanks to global warming all around the world.

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      2. We have had exceptional cold weather this year with temprature dipping to 1 C! Rarely it gets below 4 in winters. Pune is quite “sorted” then, I guess!

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      3. I know this year almost every part of the country is under the spell of chilly to super chilly winters. Yes, Pune used to be but this year things are in total mess. šŸ˜¦


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