A Fascinating Sunset At A Secret Sunset Point In Jaipur

It was a Sunday afternoon on 31st December. For a  long time, I have wanted to visit Sun Temple during the evening to witness the beautiful sunset in Jaipur. But the idea never took shape because of work commitments. I was wondering if Sun Temple makes for a great sunset point in Jaipur?

In the past, I have visited Nahargarh Fort during the sunset which is considered as the best sunset point in Jaipur. I took a quick decision to witness the last sunset of 2017 from the Sun Temple. Losing no time, I was on the way to the Galta Gate which is a starting point of a path that leads to the Sun Temple or Surya Mandir.

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Witnessing Jaipur Sunset from the Sun Temple

There was immense traffic due to the year-end holiday season in the old city area of Jaipur which is a gateway to major tourist attractions.

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Traffic jam near Sanganeri Gate in Johari Bazar, Jaipur

Galta Gate is always buzzing with activity because it is frequented by the devotees on their way to Galta Temples at Galtaji. It’s a common route for both Galtaji and Sun temple.

Galta Gate is the best way to reach Galta Temple as well as Sun Temple in Jaipur




The path used by devotees to reach Galtaji and Jaipur Sun Temple

When I reached Galta Gate I found many young tourists and locals headed towards Galta Temple. People consider it auspicious to visit a temple on important occasions. New year eve must be one! It only took me a few minutes to reach the Sun Temple.

Approaching Sun Temple, Jaipur


Sun Temple, Jaipur

Sun Temple has been under renovation for quite some time. Shikhara or tower of the temple was wrapped with a scaffolding. There was a lot of filth because of ongoing repair work. Workers were using a chemical to remove old paint from the stone surface. The current round of repair and renovation is funded by the state authorities since this temple is a heritage site. It’s a 300 years old temple! A private family trust owns and maintains this temple.

Sun Temple under renovation. Is it a great Jaipur Sunset Point?
Renovation in progress at Sun Temple, Jaipur

One can enjoy an awesome view of Jaipur city from the Sun Temple.

Jaipur city view as seen from Sun Temple from Galta hills

Few foreigners along with the priest were busy performing a religious ceremony in the sanctum. I have no clue what it was all about.




With just half an hour left for the sunset, the temple was buzzing with tourists and locals.

visitors during sunset at Sun Temple, Jaipur


Selfie time! Sun Temple Jaipur




Enjoying awesome views with sunset at Sun Temple, Jaipur

There is something special about the winter sky which has a grey tint and the sun dons a deeper shade. The sunset is much more majestic and beautiful. In comparison, during summers the Sun has a strong yellow hue. I enjoyed the sunset experience at Jaipur Sun Temple. I prefer to call it a sunset temple in Jaipur!

One of the best sunset point in Jaipur? Probably, yes!

In many ways, the sun in this picture looks out of this world.

Beautiful sunset at Sun Temple, Jaipur

I was expecting a lot more peace but with a constant flow of visitors, it was far from peaceful. It was a new year’s eve after all.  I feel Sun Temple is a great spot to enjoy the views and sunset with tranquility in Jaipur.

Couple enjoying great city view of Jaipur during sunset at Sunset Temple – Surya Mandir!

In the hindsight,  Nahargarh Fort tends to be much more crowded & chaotic during the Sundays & holiday. I just couldn’t have made it to the Nahargarh Fort sunset point on the new years eve. It has become too popular among the city youth and therefore devoid of peace. What makes Nahargarh Fort sunset so popular? Accessibility! The road makes it possible for everyone to reach Nahargarh Fort easily.

Peace, views and sunset! At Sun Temple, Jaipur.

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Is Nahargarh Fort best sunset point in Jaipur?

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Here are a few points that you should note when visiting Sun Temple for a great sunset in Jaipur.

Sun Temple is not a public place. It is a privately owned and management reserves right to admission. Dress moderately and remove your shoes before entering the temple premises. There is no admission fee. You can make an offering by way of token money to support the upkeep of the temple. Place your offering in the donation box or in Puja Thali. Do not carry any edible stuff on way to Sun Temple because the route has many monkeys. It’s best to stash away edible items in your bag. Sun Temple can be clubbed with a visit to Galtaji Temples.

Tourists capturing monkeys on way to Galtaji Monkey temple Jaipur

The route has street lights but the condition of the pathway is far from good; carry a torch, it helps. This route is safe during the dusk but do use your own discretion. A stick or hiking pole always helps to keep the monkeys away. With these points, I hope you will be able to experience a tranquil and best sunset in Jaipur along with great views.

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  1. There is so much to see in Rajasthan and being a sunrise/sunset person, I can go anywhere to capture the different moods of sun. I know, whenever I’m going to visit Jaipur, I’m going to bother you to plan a perfect itinerary for me. 😊


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