Sunset In Jaipur Central Park

Sunrise! You will find many pictures of sunrise in Jaipur on this blog because I love chasing one. Lately, I haven’t been heading in the wilderness during the weekends. Sunrise in an urban landscape is not to my liking. Firstly, you catch up with the sun only when it is high in the sky because of the hills around. Two, the silhouettes of mobile towers & tall buildings play the spoilsport. Capturing a sunset is a similar story.


I captured this picture at Central Park in Jaipur last weekend after completing a walking round. I was about to board my car when I found this frame perfect for the click. I captured this picture with my smartphone.



This picture somehow befits these lines from “The Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees” by Jim Reeves, an American country song singer.

The sunset in its golden splendor
Such colors no artist can do
I know when I look on its beauty…….
No picture or painting can capture
The beauty of any of these
The handwork of God is revealed in
The flowers, the sunset, the trees…

Posting this for Friday Skywatch.

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123 thoughts on “Sunset In Jaipur Central Park

  1. THe city offers so many ‘moments’ but as you rightly said, mobile towers , concrete structures and all kinds of cables usually get in the way. I still do end up taking that photo if nothing just as a reminder of that wonderful sight.

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    1. I know what you mean, Archana. Capturing the moment! In some countries, the government and authorities ensure that there are no visual clutter. Well, no choices here unless I am willing to explore wilderness. Where do you share your captures, Archana?


  2. What a gorgeous one, Arvind and I am so glad you clicked this and shared with us. In Bangalore, there are days of clear skies and some when the pollution plays a spoilsport. As much as we want to see more of the sunsets and the gorgeous skies, I feel it’s a combination of weather, timing and the air around.
    Thank you for joining!

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    1. I have seen some of the most stunning sky scenery in Bangalore. I feel it’s the sun and clouds which creates this magic. We mostly have clear skies here. It’s another thing that we have cloudy skies for last three four days and haven’t been able to see sunset as well as sunrise. Always happy to join, Parul. 😃


      1. I get to go outdoors but seeing pictures from all over the world is very inspiring. 🙂 I wish I lived or visited multiple countries 🙂 we just vacation at Disney world each year. 🙂 if you would like you can follow and read about our travels at bloomsandbeautifuls.wordpress.com

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