Sunset At Central Park

Sunrise! You will find many pictures of sunrise in Jaipur on this blog because I love chasing one. Lately, I haven’t been heading in the wilderness during the weekends. Sunrise in an urban landscape is not to my liking. Firstly, you catch up with the sun only when it is high in the sky because of the hills around. Two, the silhouettes of mobile towers & tall buildings play the spoilsport. Capturing a sunset is a similar story.


I captured this picture at Central Park in Jaipur last weekend after completing a walking round. I was about to board my car when I found this frame perfect for the click. I captured this picture with my smartphone.



This picture somehow befits these lines from “The Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees” by Jim Reeves, an American country song singer.

The sunset in its golden splendor
Such colors no artist can do
I know when I look on its beauty…….
No picture or painting can capture
The beauty of any of these
The handwork of God is revealed in
The flowers, the sunset, the trees…

Posting this for Friday Skywatch and Thursday Tree Love Check out more such post in Jaipur Sky

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57 thoughts on “Sunset At Central Park

      1. Haa haaaa thank you Arv ………forget being a fan I hadn’t read any before I started this blog🙈😀😜. ……but now I find it easier to express myself with them . Thank you for stopping by

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      2. You don’t become the poet by reading a poetry! It’s more of instincts! Exactly a reason why I’m not poetry inclined. But there are times when I love the way someone cooks up with words. You are lucky that you are naturally gifted, Sakshi! Where are you based?


      3. Oh yes Delhi can be a little too happening sometimes 😜. Yup I was in Jaipur in Feb ….must tell you we love your city….it has it’s own charm ..nawabi shaan😀

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      4. haha! I think Delhi should be that way only. Happy to know you visited Jaipur recently. I’m always curious to know what aspects of Jaipur are popular among travelers?


    1. I agree. Most of the time, I don’t bother to capture sunrise or sunset in an urban landscape unless the frame appeals to me. Frankly, I never envisaged this capture to come out well. But it did. Hold one, I have some more sunrise pictures coming as I have started hiking in the vicinity, Neel! Do you click sunrise or sunset pictures?

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      1. Sure looking forward to seeing them. Yes I do. I am crazy about dusk and dawn too and especially in the hills and mountains its a different scenario altogether, you know that 🙂

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      2. I agree with you on the beauty of sunrise and sunset in mountains. But even Bangalore has incredible sky. Just look at the pictures Esha keeps posting. I’m sure you must have seen them.

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  1. Gorgeous sky capture you got there, Arvind!!Who can forget the velvety rich voice of Jim Reeves! Perfectly suits the picture! I’ve also posted on skywatch today, and mine is also a sunset and a smart phone capture like yours. I too grabbed a partial tree in my frame, so lot of similarities again with our shots. Btw, thanks for the mention about theskygirl, Arvind. 🙂
    My skywatch post is here: https://theskygirl.com/2018/07/13/blue-and-gold-skywatchfriday/

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    1. I just saw your post Esha. You rightly pointed out those similarities. Perks of having a camera with us all the time. Frankly, it was a random click and not meant for ending it here. I haven’t been doing much of Skywatch. Only once in a while. Happy to recommend your blog because your sky pictures are great. And to be honest unlike other people they are not digitally “enhanced”. I like picture to be a picture and not an art. Unfortunately since you have moved to skygirl your post don’t appear on my timeline. Hope you are enjoying this self hosted journey.

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  2. Interesting to hear you say capturing sunrise in an urban environment isn’t to your liking. I do have to agree to an extent. It won’t be much of a scenic sunrise or sunset if there are no colourful colours in the sky in the city. Here in Melbourne there is a river running through the city and it’s a great spot to capture dawn and twilight 🙂 But given the choice of shooting in a scenic location or an urban one, I don’t mind either if the colours in the sky are going to be amazing 🙂

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    1. I don’t mind either but when the concrete structures spoil the frame, it is a different thing altogether! I’m sure sunrise must be looking great with the reflection in the water, Mabel. And certainly, one can’t always have a choice! I don’t mind capturing such sunset in an urban setting! I will love to see all that you have captured from the Melbourne sky! How about a post on Melbourne sunrise/sunset, Mabel?


      1. Personally I like the sunsets where you have a full view of the sky. Maybe a post on sunrise or sunset in Melbourne some time. It can be quite the experience shooting sunsets in Melbourne as there are many good vantage points.

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      2. I remember you told me before that sunrise doesn’t work for you, you love sunsets. Happy to know that there are amazing sunset points in Melbourne, Mabel


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