Sunset From A Fast Lane

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

We are all living a fast-paced life and many times we fail to notice the opportunities or the decisive moments because we are engrossed & preoccupied with various things. It is also relevant to mention that many small efforts and moments make a big difference in our lives but we fail to notice and appreciate them. That’s life! The above quote is by Dr. Seuss.

Sometimes you can’t wait to capture a moment!



This picture was captured near the Central Park in Jaipur very close to the spot where I shot Sunset At The Central Park. Shot on a smartphone in a moving car during the sunset on a rain-swept evening, a week ago.

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48 thoughts on “Sunset From A Fast Lane

  1. I hope you were not driving while you took this fabulous sunset shot, Arv! My wife often shoots of our moving car, sometimes she urges me to stop, when it is dangerous to do so because of the traffic. Your sunset shots in and around Jaipur are fascinating and you are right we need to take the time to become conscious of the beauty around us.

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    1. I was driving but my better half took this picture. Thanks for the care. The traffic situation here is quite bad and you can’t think of doing such acts. Two years ago, I asked her to drive because I wanted to click pictures on a long drive. This picture was captured on Sunday evening so the road was devoid of traffic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😊

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  2. That’s a nice shot arv. The picture shows the speed of the car too and it seems your speed was as slow as it is on the roads these days. I have shot from a speeding car at the Freeway (not from a driver’s seat 🙂 ) to catch the sunset hues and the effect of speed reflects through the pic.

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    1. Thanks. There wasn’t much traffic because it was Sunday evening otherwise the road is packed with vehicles. Sometimes you have to capture the moment and you can’t wait. I would love to see your capture. Have you posted it?

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  3. Wow! Very beautifully shot … more so from a moving car! I am terrible at clicking pictures from a moving car as I discovered recently during my road trip in SA. Love the golden dusk glow and the quality of light here is rather unusual! Probably, the rain just adds a special effect to the composition, overall! 🙂

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    1. Such skies and light is a byproduct of rain and clouds. Very rare. This picture was shot by my better half since I was driving. I do enjoy clicking pictures from a moving car. thanks for checking it out and Sharing your thoughts, Esha.


      1. Yes I do, Arv. May I ask you a question which is always on mind to find out. Why do especially Indian photographer’s say “clicking a picture”? While on other countries they say “taking a picture” or even “shooting so and so”, the later doesn’t apply to my vocabulary at all. I am just wondering. Have a great sunday.

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      2. Shooting does look out of place. Cornelia, English being a second language is far from perfect. Most people don’t use English in spoken form. So I believe it is lack of practice and reading. It’s a different case in some metro cities because many people use English more often than local language. People would often hand over their cameras to the strangers and ask them to “click” for them when they would go on a vacation, years ago. A random guess.


    1. Ha ha. Thanks for your concern, Alana. Don’t worry. I was driving but since I couldn’t click I asked my girl to click in for me. Out here you never know who pops up from where! Thanks for the care. 😊


  4. I have tons of photos like this, taken from a cab / uber at the end of my day. =) You are correct – I find that when I look back at those photos I can remember the mood that I was in, and what I was going through at the time. I should definitely do this more often.

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