Silver Lining Amidst Worries | Covid Outbreak

I was catching up with a friend on a Saturday evening at Saint Xavier’s School in Jaipur to discuss a few issues. We decided to club it with a walk on the football ground. This was around the time when Coronavirus outbreak in India was making it in the news. No one expected that the virus outbreak in China would create such havoc across the globe. I composed this picture before sunset. The frame with the sun, clouds, and the tree was an interesting composition. The building in the foreground is Saint Xavier’s school Jaipur. The light around the clouds reminds us of the silver lining amidst the current gloomy outlook due to the pandemic.


It is hard not to worry about the current situation, and therefore, I would like to share a few quotes for inspiration.

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” by Roy T. Bennett,

Worry is stressing about a situation that may or may not occur and it’s always in the negative sense.” by Rob Liano

“The probability of something not happening does not decrease as we increase the number of times we worry about the possibility of it happening.” by Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Already most of the world is in the lockdown or curfew. Out here, Jaipur is under the lockdown and here are a few pictures that show how empty and abandoned the streets are. The pictures I’m sharing were not clicked by me and were being circulated on social media.

The need of the hour is we should social distance because the virus spread easily in a group of people. By limiting contact, we ensure the coronavirus has very fewer chances to spread itself. We should carry out our part in order for us to survive. On another note, the world will hopefully manage to find solutions to the coronavirus, maybe with huge death tolls. But then the world will still go back to its usual stupidities- the Jihad, wars, environmental damage, CO2 emissions, destroying the forests, killing wildlife, and whatnot. I feel the Coronavirus is an extraordinary wake-up call for the stupidities we have been doing for the last few centuries. This pandemic has proved the idea of globalization is not without pitfalls. The connected world remains an easy target for things like this. The proponents of globalization were essentially capitalists who wanted to maximize the profits. But now the idea of a globalized world is open to debate. As with anything, nothing is without its flipside. As long as we recognize this, it is fine. Let’s stay positive and fight this pandemic.

What do you think?


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71 thoughts on “Silver Lining Amidst Worries | Covid Outbreak

  1. I am enjoying the lockdown (barring the additional load of household chores hahaha)

    Coming to the current situation we need to build the herd immunity and yes I really hope we learn our lessons. If not, time will continue to teach us in some way or the other.

    I love your captures and needless to say I love the sunset photo.

    Hope all is good and safe at your end Arvind.

    Sharing a quote “Instead of freaking out on the constraints, embrace them. Let then guide you.”

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    1. What a beautiful quote. Thanks for adding, Monika.
      I’m glad some people like you understand the challenges and stay positive. Good to know you are enjoying this period. All is well here at the moment although the cases seems to be rising in places which have an atmosphere of a ghetto. You stay safe, Monika. Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

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      1. By now you must have heard the pizza delivery via zomato w.r.t. covid19 updates. I was actually sad for the delivery boy. He was such an easy target as the “offender”, But then all the people working out there ‘are at’ high risk and in turn ‘a’ high risk. He must have got it for someone or somewhere since he is moving from place to place. But is a now a soft target.

        I hope people understand the gravity of the issue and follow the rules and simply spend quality time in their home.

        We can just hope & pray the world heals soon.

        Its good to know you & folks at home are well 🙂

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      2. I agree. It’s an irony that restaurants are still functioning via delivery model. I’m sure if the authorities decide to stop it for a while it’ll help the cause. Let’s hope for the best. Thanks Monika

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  2. Arv, as always, a wonderful capture of the lovely sky and the light.
    I presume it was the last day when you could get out of the house.
    Its been a long now being locked within the house and being locked has now become a love-hate relationship. Things are getting serious day by day and news seems to be too depressing these days. So I would suggest all to stay away from any news that increases depression and spreads negativity and rather being hopeful, wishing for the good old days to return. Stay safe.

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    1. Thanks, Sarmistha for the suggestion. I guess we are on the same page. I only watch news once a day. Whats’ the point of watching it throughout the day when we can’t change anything? I would rather use the time for something else.
      Yes, this picture was clicked before lockdown. I hope you are utilizing time in the most befitting manner. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Stay safe.

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  3. Wow… Jaipur looks entirely different from when we were there in January. Someone said recently that, during Covid we discovered that we can live without Celebrities but we cannot live without shelf-stackers! I hope that this epidemic will remind people of the importance and value of the ” little people”

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    1. True, Catherine. I’m glad all of us can see so much positive side. Let’s keep the positive thought going. Thanks for sharing thoughts.


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