Getaway From Jaipur | Tree Of Life Inderpura Resort Shekhawati

Leisure travel took a backseat ever since the pandemic affected the world. At the same moment, most of us have been seeking an opportunity to travel and unwind. Cross-border travel has become an uncertain thing owing to many regulations and ever-changing situations as well as compliances. This only left us all with an opportunity to travel in our backyard.


In 2021, we witnessed the severity of the second COVID wave due to the Delta variant. I was infected as well & spent a couple of days in isolation before deadly the Delta wave in April. A few months down the line, the longing to take a break from the routine grew stronger. A friend who runs a travel company suggested a new resort in the Shekhawati area- Udaipurwati. Having been to this region before, I love the terrain of the region. The landscape of the Udaipurwati region is marked with hills.


Apart from the Alwar region, it is hard to find resorts with a hilly landscape in close proximity to Jaipur. What sealed the deal was the fact that there were no closed corridors; the access to the rooms was through the verandah that overlooked an immense garden. Perfect in the post-COVID world.


I have been to Udaipurwati before, you can read more about this trip – Lohargal. The drive takes approximately 2 hours via Jaipur-Bikaner highway until Reengus. Thereafter, the district highway offers a picturesque rustic landscape. Khejri tree dominates the landscape in and around Udaipurwati. Khejri is the state tree of Rajasthan.


During my stay, the owner of the resort Inderpura Udaipurwati shared that it was constructed on a land that was once used as a hunting ground by the local Rajput chiefs. One can see many historic pictures of the hunting party with the kill in the resort.


Hunting in India during British rule was considered to be a regal sport and led to the wiping out of most of the Indian subcontinent’s Tiger population. Over the last few decades, hunting sport has been banned in India. One can still witness hunting lodges built by the erstwhile rulers in this region.

How do I round up my stay in Inderpura resort?

The rooms & bathrooms are spacious. In my opinion, the room size is perfect. The bathroom can be better in terms of fitment, but this is subjective and most people will find the bathrooms perfectly fine, in line with the standards. A garden-facing room with open corridors is what a large number of travelers seek these days; a preferred choice in the post COVID world.


The swimming pool was clean. Some people might find it inconvenient that it is at the farther end of the property; this is subjective, though. I do feel the pool should have been bigger; considering the situation where the hotel occupancy goes up to 80% or more, crowding in the pool area is inevitable.


The restaurant and the kitchen did a good job with Indian food; the chef can do better when it comes to continental food.


Hospitality remains one area where things can improve. I have no complaints about the hospitality or staff behavior. The reason why I mentioned this is considering the prevalent standards of the hotels in the same category. I presume the resort employs people from the region; if this is valid then, it is an appreciable act.


Do I recommend a visit to Tree of Life Inderpura Resort?

Yes, absolutely. There are not many such resorts in the region. If you are traveling to Shekhawati – Nawalgarh, Jhunjhunu, Sikar, or nearby, Inderpura resort is one of the best resorts in the Shekhawati region to stay. Many travelers visit this region for Shekhawati Havelis. This is a tranquil and blissful location to unwind especially when traveling with kids or in a group – friends & family.


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43 thoughts on “Getaway From Jaipur | Tree Of Life Inderpura Resort Shekhawati

  1. What I like about this new resort is the way it has been built, keeping the architecture closer to Rajasthan heritage. Those lush green lawns add to the ambience. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures arv. I hope they maintain the tradition of hospitality too.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well said. The resort reflects the local architecture. I’m sure travelers from other cities will find this architecture beautiful and interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It is great that you have a great region like Udaipurwati to visit for very different scenery. The Tree of Life Inderpura Udaipurwati looks like a lovely and tranquil escape. We would definitely opt for a garden facing room to enjoy the outdoors.


    1. Indeed, it is beautiful. The best part of the resort is that all rooms are garden facing. Hope you can visit this region soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Linda.


  3. I know you could only travel “in your backyard” because of the pandemic, but what a gorgeous backyard you have! I wouldn’t want to leave those gardens … or the pool!


  4. Looks like a peaceful and tranquil place.
    Travel, like many other things, is indeed being redefined with the pandemic.
    Hope you keep enjoying these little getaways till the world becomes a safer place.


  5. The place looks wonderful to unwind. You are right about open, well ventilated rooms and surrounding. It is much needed now. You have captured it’s beauty so well or should I say your photography aesthetics make it look beautiful 😊 Thanks for sharing about this getaway… noted!


    1. Haha! I’ll leave it for you to decipher. I don’t think I can create something which it is not. Aesthetics? well, that is something I’m drawn into. I do think this is a great place in sync with nature. I’m sure you will like this place considering the current scenario where you would want to avoid crowd and human contact. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Monica.

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  6. This looks like a nice hotel for this part of the country. I never been to India and this would be a good choice to visit this region. Great photos too.


  7. The resort architecture looks beautiful, as well as the garden surrounded the resort. I’m glad you had a good stay. I hope they will improve the continental food.


    1. It is, Ambica. Local attractions? There aren’t any as such. The attractions are the towns of Shekhawati like Mandawa, Jhunjhunu, Nawalgarh etc. One can explore Havelis and temples in these towns. They are around 30-60 kms.


  8. A great place to chill, not so far from Jaipur. The architecture, these cloisters, gardens, and swimming pools are superb. The rooms seem to be comfy as well. I could spend a week in a hotel like this! I would love to stay at Inderpura Resort.

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  9. This looked like a great getaway to the Udaipurwati region. The resort looks like its surrounded by lush greenery – perfect if that’s the kind of view and ambience you are after. The room you got looks decent and spacious. Normally I that’s what I look for when staying in a hotel or resort, and like you don’t mind if the bathroom is small so long as its functional. And I would want the place I am staying at to be clean.

    I agree on your thoughts on hospitality. Good hospitality and service is usually what makes the stay memorable. These times can be stressful and perhaps the hospitality you encountered were the people just being on the safe side.

    Hope you are you doing well, Arv.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad we are on the same page, Mabel. I agree we all want cleanliness as one of the top priority. True, hospitality can make or mar the entire experience. I’m doing well, Mabel. Have people started traveling again in Aus?


      1. Yes, lack of cleanliness at the hotel or resort is always a turn off – could even make it hard for you to rest or sleep. Australia has started to open up and many are travelling around Australia. That said, many here are still quite cautious.

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  10. Udaipurvati reminds me an old friend who belonged from there and was my roommate in Modi college.
    Either resort is really good or thruyourlens it looks so good. A good place to unwind from the hustle bustle of city life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Deeksha, Udaipurwati is a hidden gem. The terrain is different from the popular tourist circuit of the region. This is the only resrort in this area. I woudln’t say it is exceptional but it was a great experience. I have already highlighted what I like and the places where it needs to improve. Well, I certainly don’t want to mislead people. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for your kind comment, Deeksha. I guess that’s not going to happen. You know how everything operates. 😁 Well, Modi school is definitely an iconic school for girls in this part of the country.

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