Best Weekend Getaways From Jaipur

The popularity of Jaipur over the last few years has soared immensely. The charms of the Pink City seem to attract travelers and tourists, alike. While some are interested in the palaces, forts, bazaars, shopping, and crafts, there are many others who love the vibe of the region; these travelers are looking to explore the region beyond Jaipur. There are excellent places near Jaipur providing one with the option to devote 4-10 days in this region. You can add any or more places to your itinerary when visiting Jaipur. Alternatively, the below list has the options for the short trip near Jaipur, ideally as a weekend getaway from Jaipur. You can refer to the blog on Jaipur two days trip with the itinerary

Short Weekend Getaways Near Jaipur


Sambhar remains a historic place as it has an ancient temple dedicated to Shakambhari Mata. This commands a tremendous following among locals. Sambhal is also one of the major salt production sites. The importance of the salt was immense, and this led British to take control of this town during the colonial years. Sambhar salt pans attract a considerable number of travelers. The topography resembles the one in Utah Salt Flats, USA.


There are many new resorts in Sambhar. Since there aren’t many activities to do, it makes an excellent getaway for people who wish to unwind & relax. Sambhar is well known for its Fini, a sweet delicacy.

Why Visit? Salt Lake

Sambhar is one of the best places to visit near Jaipur within 100 km. It is best for 2 days


Pushkar needs a little introduction. It is a popular Hindu pilgrim town that attracts a large number of international travelers. The town gained immense attention over the last few years Pushkar requires a little introduction. It is a popular Hindu pilgrim town that attracts a significant number of international travelers.


The town gained immense attention over the last few years owing to the Pushkar Cattle Fair. It is sometimes referred to as the camel fair. Even though it is a small town, it is incredibly popular. Over the years, many high-end hotels & resorts have also come up in what was otherwise popular among backpackers.

Ananta Resort

Read in-depth guide – Pushkar Travel Guide Eat Pray & Love & Pushkar Fair Demystified

People love visiting Pushkar because of its laid-back lifestyle & vibe. Some people even associate the town with Charas and hippie culture. It is popular as a pilgrim town because of the Brahma temple and Pushkar Sarover considered to be pious.


Why Visit? The vibe of pilgrim place and street food scene

Ideal For 2 -3 days


Nawalgarh remains the heartland of Shekhawati. It is effortless to reach Nawalgarh from Jaipur. This is one of the more significant Shekhawati towns. Nawalgarh has a sizeable number of Havelis with beautiful frescoes. It is these Havelis that draw so many tourists to Shekhawati from all over the world. Moreover, the size of Havelis in Nawalgarh is vaster than in the adjacent towns.


If you are driving to Nawalgarh, I recommend visiting Lohargal as a pitstop. This is a historic pilgrim of this region. As per popular legend, the Maheshwari, a trading community in India, owes its origin to Lohargal.


Read an in-depth guide on Lohargal

Looking for a place to stay in Shekhawati? Read Inderpura Resort in Udaipurwati


Why Visit? Shekhawati Havelis & is an excellent base to explore the region

Ideal For 2 days


Ranthambore needs no introduction being one of the two most sought-after national parks in India. Since it is extremely popular, there is a vast array of hotels and resorts one can choose from. The list is ever-growing. The chance of tiger sightings on safari is pretty good as well.


One can choose from 10 safari zones. Ranthambore is frequent among the city folks who love to relax and unwind since there isn’t anything else to do here apart from taking the tiger safari.

Detailed travel guide on Ranthambore National Park

Why Visit? Tiger Safari in Ranthambore NP and Ranthambore Fort

Ideal For 2 days


Mandawa possesses some of the most beautiful Havelis. Many people are of opinion that the growth of tourism in Shekhawati was spearheaded by Mandawa. Mandawa has a castle and many magnificent Havelis. The tourism infrastructure in Mandawa is one of the best in the region, therefore there are many Havelis that have been converted into hotels.

Read an in-depth guide on Shekhawati Havelis

Inner Chowk or Courtyard in Mandawa Haveli

Why Visit? Beautiful Havelis. Easy to explore other Shekhawati towns like Fatehpur, Ramgarh & Churu

Ideal For 2-3 days


Bundi is one of the lesser-visited areas of Rajasthan. The reasons for this are aplenty. In terms of tourism infrastructure, Bundi has only one notable hotel. The rests are BNBs or home-converted accommodations. Among the places to explore are the fort and palace.


While the fort is in ruins and is considered unsafe for solo visitors, the palace is no better. Even though the palace is remarkable, the ownership tussle among the descendants of the erstwhile rulers has led to its lack of maintenance. Fortunately, ASI has taken over its treasure – Chitrashala. This area of the palace contains exquisite paintings on the walls and ceilings. Bundi school of painting is one of the notable miniature styles of painting in India. Visiting Bundi is thoroughly recommended for travelers who appreciate art.


Why Visit? Garh Palace & non-touristy vibe of the town. Also visit Garadia Mahadev, a scenic place near Bundi. Read more Driving trip to Garadia Mahadev

Ideal For 2 days


Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites classified under Hill Forts Of Rajasthan along with Amer Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Gagron Fort, and Ranthambore Fort.


Kumbhalgarh Fort is massive and spread over an enormous area. The location of this fort is strategic. It lies at the border of the Mewar and Marwar regions; it is not clearly visible from the distance. Kumbhalgarh boasts many hotels and resorts. Over the last few years, many stay options catering to luxury travelers have come up. The best stay experiences are away from the road that leads to the fort. Try finding a property that is in the wilderness, especially on the backroads leading to the Udaipur.


Why Visit? Kumbhalgarh Fort & option of great resorts

Ideal For 2-3 days


Sariska Tiger reserve was one of the early forest reserves to come up in Rajasthan. Over the last few decades, poaching led to the extinction of tigers from Sariska. During the last few years, tigers have been reintroduced to the park, however, the sightings are rare. But the tiger is not the sole reason for a visit to Sariska. The unique topography which includes Aravali hills makes it a unique place. There are a few resorts offering a unique setting making for a great stay option. The fact that it is less than two hours drive makes it worth visiting. Among the places, you can visit include Siliserh lake, Neelkath temple, Bhangarh Fort and Alwar.

Aravali Hills around Jaipur, with reduced forest cover. Earth Day.

Why Visit? Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bhangarh, & Alwar

Ideal For 1-2 days


Technically it is not in Rajasthan but the fact that one can get the most splendid hotels at the cheapest in Agra sweetens the deal. The presence of all major hotel chains like ITC, Taj, Oberoi, Jaypee, Mariott, and Hyatt in Agra ensures an excellent choice. Similar hotels in Rajasthan are way more pricey because of demand. While most frequent travelers have visited the Taj Mahal if you are visiting Agra for the second time, here is a recommendation.


Agra Fort is worth visiting. It is a historic fort that is not only huge but maintains some incredibly beautiful sections. As beautiful as the Taj Mahal. Also worth considering if you are revisiting Agra – Fatehpur Sikri.

The Beautiful Agra Fort- an under-explored place in Agra

Why Visit? Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra Fort

Ideal For 1-2 days


Bharatpur is well-known for Keoladevi Ghana Bird Sanctuary, the foremost bird sanctuary in India. I recommend Bharatpur for a straightforward reason. There isn’t much to do. Bharatpur remains an excellent option for people who love to relax. The city lacks chain hotels and resorts but despite this, there are a couple of good ones to choose from. If you still are in the mood to explore, there are a few day trip options apart from the bird sanctuary. Day trips to Agra, Mathura, Fatehpur Sikri, and Vrindavan are good options. Ideally, a two-day stay is good enough.


Why Visit? Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary, Fatehpur Sikri, and Vrindavan

Ideal For 1-2 days


Bikaner retains old-world charms that most significant cities in Rajasthan have lost. The town nonetheless retains distinct local culture. Most international tour operators use Bikaner as a pit stop on way to Jaisalmer. The Junagarh Fort palace & museum is considered to be one of a kind and makes worth visiting. The worthiest places to stay are Lalgarh Palace hotel and Gajner. Both these were built by royalty. Gajner was the hunting ground of Maharaja Ganga Singh and remains a remarkably charming and tranquil place.


Many people prefer to visit only Gajner for the weekend for its serenity. Another property that is not popular but worth staying in is Rampuria Haveli – Bhanwar Niwas. The interior is 80-100 years old and is in art deco style, an uncommon style, nowadays.


While Narendra Bhawan Palace which came up a few years ago has expended a huge sum of money for publicity with many FAM trips, Bhanwar Niwas doesn’t need any of this.


Why Visit? Small town vibe, Junagarh Fort, and Gajner

Ideal For 2-3 days

I’m sure these short weekend getaways from Jaipur will help you uncover many new places near Jaipur.

Best COVID safe Places to visit near Jaipur during

There is an increasing demand for places that are devoid of crowds after the coronavirus pandemic. While no place is 100% COVID safe, your best bet remains the places that are not densely populated. Furthermore, it is best to avoid visiting tourist places and busy markets for shopping. There are many outdoor activities that are safe like hiking, and bird watching, to name a few. There is a tremendous surge in demand for big properties with lots of wide-open spaces and lawns. Over here are a few options but this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Gajner
  • Bharatpur
  • Sariska
  • Ranthambore
  • Sambhar
  • Jamwa Ramgarh

Places to visit near Jaipur within 100 km

Places to visit near Jaipur within 200 km

  • Pushkar
  • Bharatpur
  • Mandawa
  • Nawalgarh
  • Bundi

Places to visit near Jaipur within 50 km

  • Ramgarh – Read more Short driving trips from Jaipur -Ramgarh

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