Driving to Garadia Mahadev / Photo Story

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January 2016

Rajasthan Tourism started with a new advertising campaign this year in January with an intent of attracting young and new age travelers and to change the perception of the state. There were a series of new advertisements & videos  being run on television and the internet – Merasthan/ Janesthan. Aryasthan…..Jaane Kya Dikh Jaye!  Mr. Piyush Pandey of O&M, India’s  leading advertisement agency  created this new advertisement campaign.

In one of its advertisements, I saw the following picture.

janesthan advertisement garadia mahadev

Although I knew that this picture has been digitally enhanced given its unnatural colors, but it did attract me for its beauty & views. So this place ended up on my list of places to explore in Rajasthan. It’s called Garadia Mahadev & is in Hadoti region of Rajasthan, near Kota city.

Garadia Mahadev is named after the Lord Shiva  temple on the banks of Chambal river. The beauty of this place is that 

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22 thoughts on “Driving to Garadia Mahadev / Photo Story

    1. You said it well. I have realised that in last few years a certain percentage of people don’t want to explore India. They feel that unless you don’t travel abroad its so old fashioned.
      I feel we have many unique places and experiences. Yes, they do lack facilities and promotions that one happens in other countries, therefore they lack oomph factor. Good or bad? That’s debatable!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.:)

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