Black rumped flameback!

While walking on a street which is surrounded by many gardens and trees, I heard a constant knocking sound. The sound had a repetitive pattern. I started searching for the source of the knocking sound. I found a woodpecker perched on the trunk of a completely dried up tree. The woodpecker was focused on its job….carving out a hole for the nest in a tree trunk.

This woodpecker species, Black Rumped Flameback Woodpecker also known as Dinopium Benghalense. Its a resident species in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, also called golden-backed woodpecker/Dinopium Benghalense. Spotting a woodpecker in the city is a bit difficult when its habitat is being constantly destroyed by humans.

Black rumped flameback
Black Rumped Flameback Woodpecker

12 thoughts on “Black rumped flameback!

  1. Stunning bird… it’s funny that I find your blog now, because I’m coming to India around New Year with my family, and I’ll be in Jaipur at some point. We’ll also make sure to see Keoladeo and Ranthambore, before moving to Goa. I’m excited 😀

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    1. Thanks Samuel. I’m happy to hear that you are coming down to Jaipur. All these places are great especially around new year. I don’t know where you will be during the new year but expect crowd. I haven’t blogged on keoladeo yet despite being there twice. It’ll be great to catch up if that’s possible, if not I understand. 😃 Let me know if you need any help or information.

      BTW how did you discover my blog?

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      1. Ah! so that’s a common connection! I love Mike’s work. I just checked your blog in a jiffy and found you have some amazing landscape pictures. Will return back again to read your post.

        I’ll try to post it asap. You can expect fog during Dec end- Jan 1st week. More of a norm. In Bharatpur, there are lot more chances because of the presence of water.

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