Jal Mahal Jaipur | Great Cormorant of Mansagar Lake

Have you heard about Mansagar Lake in Jaipur? Mansagar Lake surrounds Jal Mahal, one of the popular tourist attractions in Jaipur. Jal Mahal is also known as “Water Palace“. Great Cormorant is a resident species of Mansagar Lake.

Jal Mahal or Water Palace in Jaipur

It’s the easiest to spot among all other resident bird species in this Lake. There are three species of Cormorants regularly found in India. They are Little Cormorant, Indian Cormorant, and Great cormorant. Here is a picture of Cormorants sitting together at Mansagar Lake, Jaipur enjoying the sunshine.


A flock of Great Cormorant at Mansagar Lake, Jaipur.

Information on Great Cormorant

Great Cormorant is a social bird which means you’ll always find them flocked together in a group.

This post is part of  Weekly Photo Challenge – Mirror.

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