Jal Mahal – Up from the distance!

I captured this image of the famous Jal Mahal through the bushes! This picture was clicked from the hills of Nahargarh Fort. This is a great place to witness the stunning views of the Mansagar lake with the backdrop of Aravali hills.

Jal Mahal

Here is another picture of Jal Mahal and Mansagar lake.


If you want to know more about Jal Mahal or the water palace in Jaipur, Read this post – Inside Jal Mahal


14 thoughts on “Jal Mahal – Up from the distance!

      1. Neel, Entry to Jalmahal is restricted. There’s a court case against leasing of Jal Mahal to a private business man. The plan was to turn this place into a resort. PIL was filed and it is still pending with the court. You know how things are in our country, Neel.

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      2. Well, it’s a debatable topic. Personally, I feel heritage sites should never have a private ownership. This is not the only model for maintaining them.

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