Sunrise at Jal Mahal |The arrival of spring

I was at Jal Mahal, earlier this week where I captured the following picture. It’s in stark contrast to the previous one, where the scene conveys, winter.

Watching Sunrise at Mansagar Lake/ Jalmahal

I’m sure some of you can recall my previous post from January – A Glimpse of Soft Winter Sun/Mansagar. One gets a feeling that warm, hot, and sunny days are around. Jal Mahal is a popular sunrise spot in Jaipur.

What do you think?

If you want to know more about Jal Mahal or the water palace in Jaipur, Read this post – Inside Jal Mahal

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73 thoughts on “Sunrise at Jal Mahal |The arrival of spring

    1. There was a Gangaur procession yesterday in the city. I was preoccupied with the work and year end processes, so I’m unable to share the pictures, Amit. Next year…for sure. 🙂

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