Pelicans at Barkhera

Lakes and water bodies in and around Jaipur start buzzing with activity soon after the monsoon season. In October, migratory birds from  Asia and Europe start arriving in these lakes around Jaipur and elsewhere in India. Barkhera and Chandali lake are two such places near Jaipur

dalmatian pelican
Pelicans at Barkhera near Jaipur

Barkhera, located about 30 Km south of Jaipur has a small water body,a marshland which attracts many migratory birds like Heron, Bar Headed Goose, Flamingos and Rosy Pelican as well as Dalmatian Pelicans.

It’s  common to spot avid birders in Barkhera in morning as well as in evenings. Barkhera is surely a must visit for those who are into Birding!

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3 thoughts on “Pelicans at Barkhera

  1. There is so much to a place….. Everytime I read your new post I am reminded how little I have seen of Jaipur….. When I do visit Jaipur again as a ‘traveller’ shall revisit your blogs to make my itinerary ☺……

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    1. It sure is. As a tourist we have different agenda. Also when one is resident, he or she has opportunity to visit at the most opportune time, which a tourist or traveler can’t. this is an old post BTW


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