Roop chaturbhuj temple jaipur

Roop Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur!….Beautiful Frescos!

Roop chaturbhuj Temple is one of the least known heritage temples in Jaipur. Despite being located at a prominent spot in the walled city, it fails to attract many devotees and followers. It is located right next to Chaturbhuj Temple in Jaipur.

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roop chaturbhuj temple
Roop Chaturbhuj Temple Jaipur with beautifully painted walls
roop chaturbhuj jaipur
Beautiful Fresco at Roop Chaturbhuj Temple Jaipur

Both temples share many common features – location, layout & frescoes.

roop chaturbhuj
Painted arched pillars at Roop Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur

roop chaturbhuj temple

I loved the floor pattern at Chaturbhuj temple, with checkered chessboard design in white and black marble. The one at Roop Chaturbhuj Temple on the other hand was uninspiring. The current marble flooring seems to be a product of recent renovation even though everything else looks like original.

temple in jaipur
I loved these beautiful fresco on walls and ceiling. Roop Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur
Jaipur temple
Deterioration in painting requires some attention. Roop Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur
Roop chaturbhuj temple jaipur
Entrance gate, Roop chaturbhuj temple Jaipur

Roop Chaturbhuj Temple and Chaturbhuj Temples are identical in many ways. Not much is known about the history of this temple. All I could find was that  temple dates to 18th century. Popular legend says that both these temples were built by two brothers. Going by the placement of both these temples at a prominent place, I assume these were commissioned by the royalty or an influential person. Roop Chaturbhuj Temple is managed by Galta Peeth located at Galta temple, Jaipur also popular as Monkey Temple among foreign tourists.

It is actually strange that beautiful temples like Roop Chaturbhuj or Chaturbhuj Temple attract very few locals. The awareness about these temples is very low. Both Roop Chaturbhuj and Chaturbhuj temple are incredibly beautiful and it is worth visiting for heritage and art lovers.

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33 thoughts on “Roop Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur!….Beautiful Frescos!

  1. I have visited Jaipur-such a pretty place; but this beautiful Roll Chaturbhuj temple was somehow unknown to me. This place seems to hold a lot of historical information and I’d love
    to knowing more! Also, I think there is some story behind it’s name, isn’t there?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This temple is not popular even among locals. Unfortunately, very little information is available today. Of course there has to be some story behind this temple.


  2. Ohhh.. Sad to hear that the temple does not attract a lot of tourists or locals. It looks really interesting with the colorful walls. Sometimes the beautiful ones are indeed the best kept secret! 😉 Would definitely love to visit this!


  3. I love all the detail and colors of the architecture…so pretty! I agree that it’s sad that not many locals know about or visit these temples. So often it seems that we fail to notice the beauty in our own back yards.

    Liked by 1 person

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