Roop chaturbhuj temple jaipur

Roop Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur!….Beautiful Frescos!

Roop chaturbhuj is located right next to Chaturbhuj Temple in Jaipur.

Here is the link to Chaturbhuj temple, check out: Chaturbhuj Temple Jaipur

roop chaturbhuj temple
Roop Chaturbhuj temple with beautifully painted walls
roop chaturbhuj jaipur
Beautiful Fresco at Roop Chaturbhuj Temple Jaipur

Both these temple share many common features – location, the layout, beautiful fresco.

roop chaturbhuj
Painted arched pillars

roop chaturbhuj temple

While the flooring of Chaturbhuj temple, having checkered white and black chessboard design adds on to its interior, this seems to be missing here in Roop Chaturbhuj Temple. The current marble flooring seems to be a result of  renovation exercise, although no other aspect of temple seem to have undergone renovation.

temple in jaipurJaipur temple

Roop chaturbhuj temple jaipur
Entrance – Roop chaturbhuj temple jaipur

In all, Roop Chaturbhuj and Chaturbhuj temples looks more like  clones.

If you are visiting this area, do visit both the temples, they are located right next to each other.

This temple too is managed by Galta Peeth located in Galta, Jaipur.


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