Karamveer Chauhan | A Factory Worker

Karamveer Chauhan was sitting near one of the bylanes of Johari Bazar. The market was yet to open so I assume he must be waiting for the shops to open. His bicycle was parked right next to him on the road. Out of curiosity, I striked the conversation.


 why are you sitting there?

I’m tired so I decided to rest for some time.

why are your palms yellowish (in color)?

I work in a factory.

Is it because of turmeric? (assuming he must be involved in some masaala factory)

I work in chick pea factory

Where is factory located?

Its in Bais Godown area

Where do you live?

On Agra Road

So you must be on your way home?


Where are you originally from?


What’s your name?

Karamveer Chauhan

So your family still lives in Beawar?

No. we all live in Jaipur

You shifted to Jaipur recently?

No. Its been many years!

So your hands are permanently stained in yellow color?

No. its temporary. The color will go away once I wash my hands.

With that, it was time for me to leave!


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