nahargarh hills

Fire In The Sky | Jaipur Sunrise

I have been reading quite a lot of good reviews on 50mm prime lens….both in Canon and Nikon fraternity! Many photographers swear by 50mm prime lens performance. In spite of owning it for many months, I haven’t used it much. Restricting it mainly for portrait clicks! So this weekend I deliberately chose a 50mm prime lens as a default photography lens for my morning hike. And this is what I captured !!

nahargarh hills

The sun rising up on Nahargarh Hills!

The intensity of the rising Sun has been captured by a 50mm lens in a slightly creative way. It looks as if the whole forest is on fire. On another note, its a peak summer season right now and the Sun practically burns your skin – right in the morning!! This picture was clicked from the hills of Nahargarh Fort. Have you ever visited this amazing and most happening place in Jaipur?

Bottom line: I’m sure the same shot on the default kit lens would have come up differently! It certainly not so dramatic! And It does take a lot of adjustment for a shift from a wide-angle to a fixed 50mm mindset!

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