chaturbhuj temple jaipur

The Astoundingly Beautiful Chatrurbhuj Temple In Jaipur

chaturbhuj temple jaipur
Inside Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur

Chaturbhuj Temple in the walled city area of Jaipur is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. The word Chaturbhuj translates into someone who has four arms, referring to the Lord Vishnu.

This temple is on the first floor & can be accessed by a small staircase. It faces East direction. The layout of this temple is in the Haveli style, in line with the other heritage temples in the walled city area of Jaipur. While the specific year of the commissioning of the temple is not available, it dates to the 18th century. Chaturbhuj Temple was built by Paliwal community.

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chaturbhuj temple entrance
Beautiful entrance of Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur

The entrance is adorned with geometric patterns & floral designs. Hindu God and Goddesses have been placed over the geometric patterns on either side of the gate. A good deal of detailing has gone into the stone frame of the door too. Two ornate elephants are placed near the entrance, made of white marble. These elephants have been beautifully carved giving them an ornamental look.

marble elephant Chaturbhuj Temple Jaipur
Ornate elephant adorning the entrance of Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur
courtyard chaturbhuj temple
Old world charm of  Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur

The entrance opens into a courtyard. A small temple dedicated to Garuda (Eagle God in Hindu religion) is placed soon after the entrance; facing towards the sanctum. The presence of Garuda, in temples dedicated to the Lord Vishnu, is a norm; Garuda being the carrier of the Lord Vishnu.

chaturbhuj temple
Ochre & blue colors dominate interiors of  Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur
Beautiful frescoes in Chaturbhuj Temple

The beauty of the temple lies in its fresco & paintings on the walls and ceilings. These paintings center on the life of Lord Krishna & Radha.

The yellow and blue color is the most dominant one. The mandap has arched columns. The marble pillars have facets on its surface.  A shloka in the Sanskrit language from Bhagwad Gita is written on the side walls which is made of lime plaster, called Araish. This lime plaster or Araish work is reminiscent of the bygone times. Today It’s impossible to recreate such workmanship.

painting in chaturbhuj temple jaipur
Beautiful interiors of  Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur
Parikrama gallery - Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur
Parikrama  gallery – Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur

The temple is managed by the Galta Peeth, in Galta temple in Jaipur along with Roop Chaturbhuj Temple in the vicinity.

Lack of maintenance is evident in the temple complex. The commercial activity in the vicinity certainly overshadows this otherwise beautiful temple. The dwindling number of devotees, lack of parking space, ongoing construction of metro line etc are taking its toll. But despite all this, it’s an impressive temple -Worth visiting!

sanctum Chaturbhuj Temple jaipur


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43 thoughts on “The Astoundingly Beautiful Chatrurbhuj Temple In Jaipur

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’ve visited India twice, and I should make a post about the beautiful places I’ve gone like mahabaleshwar and Pench National Park. I love the pictures you posted of the temples. The only post I’ve made about India is one about a beautiful young child who came to my window begging for money. I blog mostly about my near death experience, so this post is tied to that experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tricia I ran through your post. You write so well -from your heart! Although I’m not much into NDE, this is first time I have come across such incredible blog.never knew this kind existed.
      You should write about your India trip and let others see your perspective 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was about to say that the maintenance is very poor before I read it in the end!

    It has a certain uniqueness to it which I didn’t see in any of the temples I’ve visited so far. Maybe the color of paintings is standing out, but certain of the works look before beautiful. It’s a shame we can’t ever care better…especially when we know the workmanship is unmatchable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You said it well, it’s a shame that we are unable to maintain these temples. Even though the temple occupies a very prominent place in walled city, it’s hardly known among the residents.It had a great following in the past but now the number of devotees visiting this temple won’t be in three digit figure. And we have many such temples here in Jaipur. Even the ones which have state grant are no better. I often wonder why some new temples are bustling with devotees and receive lots of cash as donations while these heritage class temples are crying for maintenance. Duality of human nature ? I have run out answers……

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are right. We all have herd mentality. There have been surveys in the west which points out that even shoppers prefer outlets where there is some movement over the ones which are empty. Psychologically, it gives them some solace that they are going with popular choice. who knows this might be the case here as well!

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    1. Happy to hear that you liked this temple and you will be visiting Jaipur soon! I can suggest you few more places to check out. let me know how you prefer to get information – email/ social network… will share information.

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