milk market in Jaipur

Doodh Mandi | The Milk Market of Jaipur

I’ve been passing through the milk market of Jaipur, called Doodh Mandi (Doodh= milk, Mandi=bazaar/market) for the last few months almost every weekend, without giving it any thought. One fine day, I decided to explore this market, which is located in the walled city area on Amer Road. It is one of Jaipur morning market to explore. The market was buzzing with people – milk sellers, agents, etc. Most of the menfolk were dressed in traditional attire – white dhoti & kurta, which meant they were from the upcountry Jaipur.

Scene from the Milk Market in Jaipur. Milk Containers
milk market in Jaipur
Milk Market of Jaipur

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doodh mandi
All set for customers. Milk Market in Jaipur

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Milk sellers all set to head back home. At Doodh Mandi Jaipur

This market comes alive at 6 AM with milk sellers congregating here. Most sellers collect milk from their own villages or from the nearby villages. They usually load large milk cans onto local buses or jeeps to bring them to the market.


Many of them prefer to carry these milk jars onto their bikes & rides all the way to such markets from their respective villages.

Milk cans marked by the owner for easy identification. A Milk market in Jaipur

Agents too congregate here in large numbers, as for some milk sellers with only a small quantity of milk to sell, it makes little economic sense for them to visit such markets. Therefore, agents are a vital link as they collect milk from milk sellers in the villages. With enough quantity to sell, they supply milk to the buyers in the city.

Milk sellers in Jaipur Milk Market

This market mainly caters to the bulk buyers of milk like the restaurant owners, sweet –mithai shop owners, caterers, etc.

milk sellers
Milk Sellers  in Jaipur Milk Market

The market activities continue until noon, after which the milk sellers return back to their villages. Most of them are from the villages located within a 100 km radius. Many tourists visit this unique market in Jaipur; it’s an interesting place to visit and explore local culture and people. There are many other locations where milk sellers congregate in Jaipur.

doodh mandi jaipur milk seller
Milk Seller in Doodh Mandi

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Doodh Mandi Jaipur Milk Market


29 thoughts on “Doodh Mandi | The Milk Market of Jaipur

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      I was thinking recently about creating a page for this. I’ll do this soon. Thanks! 🙂

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  1. It’s interesting to know how markets operate in places I don’t know. Your photos tell us so much – each one capturing a little scene being played out. I love to see the traditional local clothing, too. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Orla. Do they still do things in old fashioned way there? Are traditions being followed? Most places are adopting American methods. I feel these traditions makes us distinct. Certainly, makes travel interesting. 😃


      1. We have milking machines and a lorry pick up. Less traditional than a milking stool but because we are a small farm there are still a lot of very traditional methods here. We do take pride in lots of traditions here though.


      1. I can only agree with you. We live in the age of consumerism which is all about instant gratification. Humanity has taken a back seat. But that’s the reality. Appreciate your thoughts, Nilla. 🙂

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