doodh mandi jaipur milk seller

Milk Seller/Jaipur Market/Gopi

doodh mandi jaipur milk seller
Milk Seller Gopi at Doodh Mandi, Jaipur

Me- “What’s your name?”


Me- Where are you from?


Me – “The one on Ramgarh Road?”


Me – “You come to Doodh mandi in  Jaipur every day?”

Yes around 6 AM

Me –  “6 AM? what time do you start from your village?”

4.30…5 AM

Me -“what time do you get up and milk the cows?”

3.30 AM

Me – “So How many Liters do you sell, everyday?”

300 liters

Me – “And how many hours it takes you to sell 300 liters?”

It doesn’t take me too long. I have fixed clients like hotel, restaurant owners. Usually, I’m done by 11 AM

Its a tough life, being a milk seller!

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9 thoughts on “Milk Seller/Jaipur Market/Gopi

    1. Lidiia.. I wouldn’t say he’s enjoying but he’s quite okay and not unhappy. In general Indians are quite adaptive with situations and accept it well. Like Bible we have Bhagwat Geeta and it stresses on accepting situations as your destined path. 🙂

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      1. Thank you =D I think people who are not working for boss are much happier. I’m more happy to do freelance, write blog, travel, than to sit in a office. When I was working as a foreign economics manager, I was going to the work at 8 a.m. with tears on my eyes… It was not a bad job, but after the job I had plenty of students to photograph for the graduation albums, which I liked much more)

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