Sunrise at Ghat Ki Guni, Jaipur

Ghat Ki Guni in Jaipur has some of the most beautiful heritage structures which are almost 300 years old. It has few Mughal style gardens and temples lined on either sides of road. Heritage structures at Ghat Ki Guni were restored few years ago after Ghat Ki Guni tunnel, an alternative route was made operational for the heavy vehicles.

Do take out time to explore more about Ghat Ki Guni history and pictures of beautiful heritage structures in this post – Ghat Ki Guni….. In a class of it’s own! – Jaipur Thru My Lens !!

I was lucky enough to catch a sunrise at Ghat Ki Guni earlier this week. The serpentine road in this narrow alley has chhatris lined on both sides. It is extremely difficult to capture shots here as the road is narrow and there is a constant flow of traffic. And where I was standing there was a road bend which might turn out to be fatal. Best way to capture a shot in such situation is to rely on a quick capture and not DSLR which requires some time to fine tune settings. I shot this picture with a smartphone.

Sunrise at Ghat Ki Guni, Jaipur

This picture captures milk sellers heading to Doodh Mandi ( milk market) with milk cans on their motorcycles. They start really early from nearby villages. If you have not read about Dood Mandi, it is good time to do so. I wrote this post more than 2 years ago, and it is possible you might not have read it. You can find it here – Doodh Mandi – Milk Market of Jaipur ! – Jaipur Thru My Lens !!

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Here’s an expansive picture of Ghat Ki Guni, Jaipur

Expansive view of Ghat ki Guni area with Mughal styled Roop Niwas Garden in foreground



32 thoughts on “Sunrise at Ghat Ki Guni, Jaipur

    1. Thanks, Sunita! I have never considered myself a writer. I’m certainly a visual person. I really don’t know if I have helped attracting tourists! But if it happens, I’ll be happy. 🙂


  1. Lovely capture of the early morning atmosphere! I did visit the milk market via your link and I must say the pictures reminded me of the time almost 70 years ago, when I had to push a cart with two milk jars to the local dairy. Thank you for bringing back some fond memories of a time in Germany, Arv!

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