sunrise jaipur

A Painted Canvas | Jaipur Sunrise

I’m sharing picture of beautiful sunrise over the Jaipur sky

sunrise jaipur
Sunrise in Jaipur

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9 thoughts on “A Painted Canvas | Jaipur Sunrise

  1. I am not able to post my comments on your more recent posts. No sure if you can see my comments or may be its coz you need to moderate or something or follow me. No clue.

    I really liked your posts about the Pink City and it’s beautiful places 🙂


    1. Hi suyansh! the comments to my blog are moderated.
      I’m happy that you liked my blog posts. Indeed there is no other city like Jaipur! Its quite interesting and buzzing…with strong link to customs, religion & culture! For those into photography…..its a gold mine!

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