Sevak. Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur

Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur – The “Sevak”

Sevak. Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur
Sevak at Chaturbhuj Temple, Jaipur

Me -“Tell me something about this temple?”

He- “This is my first day here…..I’m just a sevak. May be you should ask priest of this temple ”

Me- “you’re not from this temple?”

He- “No, I stay at Ghat ke Balajee temple near Galta. This temple too, is managed by Galta Peeth. Have you been there?”

Me- “No”

He- “Then you must, its a very old temple. Large number of devotees visit Ghat ke balajee. Even the Royal Family of Jaipur is regular visitor of  Ghat Ke Balajee“.

Me- “What do you do over there?”

He- “I’m just the sevak.”

Me- “Where are you from?”

He- “Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh. But I have been living at Ghat ke Balajee Temple for last few years with my friend. We both discontinued our school and came here.”

Me- “Is there anything to see & discover in Chattarpur?”

He- “Not really. Where are you from?”

Me- “Jaipur”

He- “Can I have your name and mobile number?”

Me- “why do you need that for?”

He- “we will inform you whenever there is some celebrations or events”

Me- “What’s your name?”

He- “Ravi..”

Me- “Full name?”

He- “Ravi Sharma”


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