sky balloon

Sky Waltz – Hot Air Ballon ride in Jaipur

If you happen to visit Amer town or palace early in the morning, especially on a Sunday, chances are that you will come across hot air balloons taking off near Amer Palace.

Sky Waltz is the only operator offering Hot Air Balloon ride in Jaipur. In fact during the tourist season, they operate hot air balloon regularly! Certainly, this is one of its kind experience! Only a few, gets the chance to witness the beauty of Amer PalaceĀ  flying directly over it, in a hot air balloon.

One such Sunday morning, while hiking on the hills, I spotted one balloon veering off from its regular course & plunging down behind Amer Palace towards Sagar even as two other balloons rose up in the sky. It seemed that some kind of technical issue was responsible for its deviation and inability to lift off. The pilot was quite competent and in few minutes he charted the balloon away from populated Amer town towards open field on Delhi Highway.Within no time, the balloon rose up in the air. Although the balloon was still off course, but it must have relieved the tourists (passengers) immensely!

During such moments, I clicked this picture!

The colorful balloon amidst the ramparts of Amer looked imposing!

sky balloon
sky waltz hot air balloon



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