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Adventure is the last thing that comes to your mind when you talk about Jaipur. Except for the hot air ballooning by Sky Waltz over the Jaipur sky and the Paintball being offered near Naila village, there is virtually no other option. Tao Experiences in Jaipur can definitely change that!!

Tao Experiences, Entry Tickets!

Tao experiences situated in Kukas, Jaipur on the N.H. 8 offers a lot of things like ATV rides, Zorbing, Paintball, Body Zorbing, Zipline are few of the major attractions. Tao experiences already operate an adventure activity in Jaisalmer.

tao experiences jaipur adventure activity
Tao Experiences, Kukas, Jaipur- Body Zorbing, adventure activity!

There are separate charges for each of these activities. There is an entry charge too, which can be adjusted against the activity charges. Although the charges are at par with the similar adventure activity operators, elsewhere in the country, some may feel it’s on the stiffer side. Like Rs 1000 per person for an ATV ride which lasts for 15 minutes. While charges may be perceived, either way, the value definitely needs to be improved upon. By the way, before you undertake any adventure activity, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer that absolves the management from any liability, in case of any mishaps!

Tao Experiences, Kukas, Jaipur – ATV rides

I couldn’t try all the activities due to the paucity of time, so you can expect a detailed post in the near future.

At Tao Experiences, Jaipur – Zorbing, adventure activity!

The idea of making such an adventure activity available in Jaipur is a  great one. On the whole, there are many areas where Tao Experiences management needs to improve the guest experience. The overall value needs to be improved too! For adventure lovers, there are limited options in Jaipur!

Along with Tao Experiences, you can also club a visit to Nahargarh Biological Park where Jaipur Zoo is based.

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21 thoughts on “Tao Experiences | Adventure In Jaipur

    1. kalpanaa, this see through ball is part of adventure activity called zorbing. you are strapped inside this huge ball and set on a roll!!!The only other place where I have seen this is in kashmir…in meadows. Actually, to enjoy zorbing meadows are perfect place as they are spread over huge area and have inclined surface to take off! …But surely, not everyone’s cup of tea!


  1. Though not my cup of tea, but adventure activities hold a great appeal for the young crowds. I have seen these huge plastic balls at places , but I guess the experience would be different over a spread out area where the ball can roll for a while, with the strapped person churning inside. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for refreshing my memory with pictures of the beautiful Jaipur I visited back in 1994. The pink palace, bazars, jewels, and silks. I went mad shopping! arrived to New Deli airport my bags weighted 70kgs in excess. Those were the days when with few rupees and a smile you could get away with kind airlines check in desk people.

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    1. Thanks ceciliatregear! Jaipur has certainly changed over last 15-20 years! But yes, somethings have escaped from these changes. Few Rupees? well, it sounds unbelievable in current times!! Thanks for visiting this blog! have a great day!

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  3. I visited Jaipur on 15th August 2016. Had I read all your blogs before going there I would have made the most of my trip


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