Pranayama & Yoga In Jaipur

I clicked this picture near the Surya Temple which is also called the Sun Temple, on the Eastern hill range. It’s a small detour to the popular tourist attraction called Galta Ji or Galta Temple. The foreign tourists call it Monkey Temple. The person in this picture is enjoying the beautiful weather during the dawn with his daily schedule of Pranayama and Yoga.


galta surya temple
Pranayama with great views of Jaipur city


Although at a cursory glance, it looks as if the fog has enveloped Jaipur city. In reality,  it’s the low flying clouds during the monsoon season which is a rarity. It’s a perfect spot to practice your daily dose of Pranayama in Jaipur! 

Here is another picture of an elderly couple doing Yoga and Pranayam in Central Park in Jaipur.

Couple busy in Pranayam and Yoga in Central Park, Jaipur

Here is another picture from Central Park.

Early morning exercise at Central Park, Jaipur. WPC-Morning.

Nature lovers always find some unique spot to take their meditation or yoga to the next level just like the person in this picture.

Waiting for the Sunrise

Over the last few years, there is a tremendous increase in interest in fitness. This has also given impetus to yoga classes in Jaipur. What about you? What is your preferred place for yoga and Pranayam?

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12 thoughts on “Pranayama & Yoga In Jaipur

    1. Joyful! Silence and peace during early morning is guaranteed in such secluded spots! In densely populated places, you may not be so lucky! have a great weekend..thanks for checking out this blog 🙂


  1. Hello, and thank you for your comment on Yankee-in-Belgrade. Yes, in some ways Belgrade does resemble some Indian cities. I have been to India four times, three times to Jaipur, and love the country….waiting to return.

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