galta surya temple

skywatch – Early morning/ Monsoon sky/Praanayaam

galta surya temple
Pranayaam with great views! Sun Temple, Jaipur

I clicked this picture near the Surya Temple also called the Sun Temple, situated on the Eastern hill range. It’s a small detour to the popular tourist attraction called Galtaji or Galta Temple. Among the foreign tourists, it is popular with the name of Monkey Temple. 

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The person in this picture is enjoying the beautiful morning weather during the pre-sunrise hours with his daily schedule of Pranayaam and Yoga. Although at a cursory glance, it looks as if the fog has enveloped the Jaipur city. In reality,  it’s the low flying clouds during the monsoon weather, dominating the Jaipur sky.

It’s a perfect spot to practice your daily dose of Pranayaam! 

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10 thoughts on “skywatch – Early morning/ Monsoon sky/Praanayaam

    1. Joyful! Silence and peace during early morning is guaranteed in such secluded spots! In densely populated places, you may not be so lucky! have a great weekend..thanks for checking out this blog 🙂


  1. Hello, and thank you for your comment on Yankee-in-Belgrade. Yes, in some ways Belgrade does resemble some Indian cities. I have been to India four times, three times to Jaipur, and love the country….waiting to return.

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