Amer Fort Ramparts |Blue Hour Photography

Earlier this week, I woke up at 4.30 AM & headed to the rendezvous point near Amer Fort. I had teamed up with a few more friends. We had decided to hike in the morning & catch up with the sunrise. Here is a picture of Amer and the ramparts -the Great wall of Amer in blue hours. Blue hour is favorite among the photographer community.

The silhouette of Amer Fort ramparts looks pretty amazing & majestic. What do you think?

Ramparts of Amer Fort in Blue Hours


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26 thoughts on “Amer Fort Ramparts |Blue Hour Photography

    1. HI! I’m Happy to know that you have been to Jaipur few years back! The city has changed dramatically in last few years! Thanks for your appreciation & comment ! 🙂


    1. thanks sallie! Blue hour is popular term among the photography enthusiast and professionals alike! It’s great that you know what this term implies! 🙂


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