Happy Places For Couples In Jaipur

It’s quite difficult to specify a specific happy & hidden Places in Jaipur. The reason being there are many and our mood varies vastly. In these days of social media, nothing is hidden. A place becomes popular in a short time once someone posts about it on his social media. After speaking with many couples who seek peaceful, hidden, and romantic places in Jaipur here are a few.

Happy Places in Jaipur For Couples

  • Jal Mahal Lake

sometimes it’s the tranquility that one enjoys like in this hidden lake near Jaipur.

“Secret” lake around Jaipur….tranquility!

Mansagar lake is very popular among couples. The beautiful and serene atmosphere brings many couples to watch Jalmahal every morning and evening.


  • Amer Fort

Sometimes it’s great views that make you happy and you seek such places with beautiful views of Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort.

Soaking up in views of Amer Palace

The peaceful Amer town is quite rewarding. The Sagar lake water body in this town is a good place among couples in Jaipur. It is common to find couples sitting on the bench underneath the Chhatris lining Sagar waterfront.

  • Nahargarh Fort

Sometimes all you want to do is surround yourself in the nature, woods, and chirping of birds amidst the jungles of Jaipur with no one to bother you.

walk in the woods & recharge yourself!

Nahargarh Fort continues to attract lovers in Jaipur looking for hidden places. Unfortunately, this one of the most popular love points in Jaipur. This is one of the hidden spots for couples in Jaipur at Nahargarh Fort.

Panoramic view of Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur
  • Central Park Jaipur

Previously, Central Park was a very popular place among couples. Over the years, as its popularity soared, many couples found it difficult to find privacy. A lot of them now visit Central Park in the day time as it is more peaceful.


Couples usually avoid areas near the jogging track as it sees a large movement. Also, many couples prefer visiting Tapri Central opposite Central Park. One gets to enjoy the beautiful views of the park while enjoying food.


  • Jawahar Circle

Jawahar Circle is a very popular place among couples living in the south Jaipur like Sitapura, Pratap Nagar, Sanganer, and Jagatpura. There is a large student population owing to a large number of colleges in Sitapura. Therefore, it is much easier for the students to visit Jawahar Circle. Also, the activity during the day at Jawahar Circle Park is less allowing them private time. Jawahar Circle is a popular spot due to Patrika Gate.


Couples generally avoid visiting this spot in Jawahar Circle. They usually prefer the garden area.

  • Dravyawati Bird Park

Dravyawati Bird Park is one of the newest parks in Jaipur. It was recently opened to the public after completion of Dravyawati river project in association with TATA. This is not a huge park but it has many interesting places to sit and enjoy tranquility.


There is even a beutiful cafe inside the park which was created from a space meant for an old steam engine imported from the UK during late 19th century during the period of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh’s rule. For couples, this is an added boon.


  • Kanak Vrindavan Garden

Kanak Vrindavan Garden has been one of the most popular places for couples in Jaipur. It is not overtly crowded and an entry fee means not many visitors in the park. The surrounding environs are beautiful and scenic.


This is also a very popular place for pre-wedding photoshoot among couples. Therefore, it ranks high in the places for thebest pre-wedding photoshoot places in Jaipur.


There are many more Jaipur couple places than the ones listed in this blog. There are a few more places near Jaipur. Out of these, Pushkar ranks very high. Many couples visit Pushkar as a day trip. Even Bhangarh Fort is great for a day trip from Jaipur for couples.

This post has been created in response to the Weekly Photo challenge – Happy Place


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