Rufous Treepie In Jhalana Forest

Here are pictures of Rufous Treepie in Jhalana Forest near Jaipur

Rufous Treepie jaipur
Rufous Treepie spotted in forest close to Jaipur

Rufous Treepie is one the popular birds which can be easily spotted in Jungles around Jaipur,  perched on a tree. It’s not difficult to find one in urban areas too; especially in locations near parks & gardens.

Rufous Treepie in Jaipur. Blending with its surrounding! (Click to enlarge the picture)

Rufous Treepie belongs to the crow family which explains its resemblance to the crow. It’s pretty versatile when it comes to the food, surviving on fruits, insects & eggs as well as small reptiles. Rufous Treepie is famous for its clambering tactics and tagging along with other birds like Drongos.

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