Holi Celebration | Pictures From Jaipur

Here are a few pictures from the Holi celebration party in Jaipur. Friends and family get together to color each other using colors, Abeer/Gulal. Gulal is a powder prepared using natural substances like flowers, leaves, etc. Gulal has been used traditionally to play Holi. The ancient preparation method involved using organic and herbal ingredients which do not harm the skin. However, most colors are prepared using chemicals and are harmful to the skin.

Colors, the symbol of festival HOLI.


Various shades and colors of Gulaal!  


Let me color you!

Here are some more pictures of Holi celebrations in Jaipur.

The process of coloring!  


Colors Everywhere! Holi Celebrations in Jaipur


The ingredients of the successful coloring process.


Colors and People!
Love and colors! The art of coloring each other.


Colors add to Life!!


The fun elements of the Holi festival


water gun, an essential ingredient of Holi festival


The proof of playing Holi!

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Jaipur is a great place to capture photos of Holi celebrations in India. It’s not as famous as the celebrations of the Braj region. It has its own charm with people celebrating this festival of color with friends and family.

Pictures of Holi in Jaipur


63 thoughts on “Holi Celebration | Pictures From Jaipur

  1. Holi is definitely a fun festival with every region of India having its own way of celebration. Arv, thanks for sharing about the Gulal Gota and its royals association of which I had no idea. The concept sounds similar to the watercolour filled balloons today, it used to be Gulal then and now the wet colours. Wish you a very Happy Holi!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Holi. I agree every region has it’s own tradition and style. I will post a picture of Gulal Gota as well. Do you play and celebrate Holi, Sarmistha?

      Liked by 1 person

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