Carbon 12 | Art Exhibition-Environment Conservation

Carbon 12, an art exhibition, was recently held at a popular heritage hotel- Diggi Palace in Jaipur. Incidentally, the renowned Jaipur Literature Festival is also held at Hotel Diggi Palace in the month of January, every year.

Carbon 12 is an initiative by 12 International painters who have come together to create awareness for the environment and to highlight the role of Carbon present on planet Earth.

Direction for Carbon 12 at Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur

Artists from countries like Norway, Lithuania, South Africa, Iran, etc held a workshop at Diggi Palace, wherein they painted their canvases to depict how carbon affects the planet, in their own style. Later, they showcased their creations in a two-day exhibition on 29-30th April 2016 at Hotel Diggi Palace itself.

Visitors at Carbon 12 art exhibition. Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur
Creation by Grete Marstein, Norwegian artist at Carbon 12. Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur
Grete Marstein, Norwegian artist at Carbon 12 with her creation.
Carbon 12 art exhibition at Darbar Hall, Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur
Carbon 12, art exhibition at Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur
Darbar Hall, Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur. Carbon 12


I met Premila Singh, an artist who is originally from New Delhi but settled in South Africa. She explained the concept of the Carbon 12 exhibition in detail.

Premila Singh, an artist with her creation at Carbon 12 art exhibition, Jaipur

One of the key highlights of this exhibition was a creation by  NASA scientist, Adam Voiland. In his canvas, he has tried to depict how pollution is affecting the Himalayas.

Creation by Adam Voiland at Carbon 12 art exhibition in Jaipur

The venue  Darbar Hall of Hotel Diggi Palace stole the show. The hall is incredibly beautiful and brings back the grandeur of yesteryear. Here are a few pictures of the  Hotel Diggi Palace.

Incredibly beautiful Darbar Hall at Hotel Diggi Palace also hosts interactive sessions of the famous personas during Jaipur Literature Festival


Darbar Hall, Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur
This is a famous venue for the Jaipur Literature Festival, at  Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur
Entrance, Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur
Hotel Diggi Palace, Jaipur. Carbon 12– art exhibition.

Let’s appreciate the efforts of all these artists in creating awareness for environment conservation and saving our planet through their unique approaches & style. Organizers say that this art exhibition will be back next year too… which is awesome! Wishing all of them – Good Luck!

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19 thoughts on “Carbon 12 | Art Exhibition-Environment Conservation

  1. what country are you in? I’m the one who wrote the one about Nine Inch nails. Did you clickthrough to story? That helps a ton!!!

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  2. Goodness me …THIS is what it’s all about ….creativity, environmentalism and conservation ….rich Indian cultural heritage …promoted to an international audience …makes me want to move to Jaipur ….but alas will just have to enjoy your blog …Thankyou:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I like them all Arv …..need to keep revisiting your blog to digest:):):):) …..Oh and I’m in the industrial north of England …the outskirts of the city of Leeds ….tooooooo far away alas:(:(:(:(:(

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      2. Oh wow! Leeds? Is there a coal connection with the town..still? I thought that England hardly has any more factories left now. I may be wrong though… Just a thought. I like England BTW! Specially the countryside…

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      3. Ha haaa Yes ….there are quite a few old mills left …not in industrial operation tho …some of those left have been turned into galleries and museums
        The coal industry too has gone ….I perhaps should have more accurately said ‘the post industrial north of England’ ……let me know if you ever plan on visiting and I’ll show you around … with your photographic eye I’m sure you could find plenty of material …..yep countryside too:)
        For me tho …..I’m starting a penny jar …I REALLY want to visit Jaipur ….Ah well ….maybe when I retire:D:D:D


    1. Thank You Cathleen! I’m happy that you liked it. The place where this exhibition was hosted is a very popular heritage hotel of Jaipur. It’s quite charming 🙂


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