Shehnai and Dhol Player At Jantar Mantar

Shehnai is synonymous with jubilant mood across India. It is especially played on the occasion of Hindu weddings. Apart from weddings in Rajasthan (and specifically in Jaipur), one can find Shehnai player on other special occasions as well. Of late, Shehnai players are also part of tourist festivals and events.

Considered as a part of a classical instrument, special performances are also held in the city by the renowned  Shehnai performers.  Even though the origin of Shehnai is believed to be from Iran, there are no records available to prove this theory. Some, on the contrary,  believe that Shehnai is an improved adaptation of a wind instrument played by snake charmers in India called Pungi or Been. Irrespective of origin, it has formed a  strong bond to the local culture & people so much so that lack of Shehnai tune playing during a Hindu wedding is deemed inauspicious.

Shehnai player at Jantar Mantar, city palace complex, Jaipur.

The above picture features a Shehnai player along with a Dhol/ drum player.

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26 thoughts on “Shehnai and Dhol Player At Jantar Mantar

    1. Divya, Shehnai is not exclusive to Rajasthan/Jaipur. It’s popular instrument across Indi specially North India. Its tune and sound is synonymous with weddings -north Indian weddings, that is. In this picture the attire reflects the Rajasthani style…the safaa (turban) and sleeveless jacket is pretty much Rajasthani style!

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    1. Nat geo? Thank You for elevating me, but miles to go before I join that league. The reason why they look so typical is partly because of the turban print! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for complementing Swati! The perfect time would be Oct-Feb period. Monsoon is just okay, with high humidity and at time scorching Sun it’s far from ideal for sight seeing trip! 🙂


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