The Elusive Sun In The Monsoon Sky

The below picture perfectly sums up the current status of Monsoon in Jaipur. Elusive! The onset of monsoon was delayed as predicted by the meteorological department, but Jaipur is yet to experience  “monsoon magic”! With the El-Nino effect in full swing last year, there were very few rain showers. Here’s hoping that things will change soon. The rain-bearing clouds are missing and so are rain showers!


Jaipur is yet to experience Monsoon season. Awaiting rain showers. The above picture was captured at Achrol Fort, near Jaipur.

Monsoon is a weather phenomena that brings rain to Indian sub continent and elsewhere in Asia after a long spell of hot and dry summer season. Indian agriculture and economy depends greatly on good Monsoon season.  

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17 thoughts on “The Elusive Sun In The Monsoon Sky

  1. Fantastic shot! I hope the rains can end the drought for farmers across India and incessant water cuts in cities and towns. A good monsoon could be the much needed respite for those stricken by the horrid heat wave. Fingers crossed!

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