All About Jaipur Book Lovers Club

Jaipur Book Lovers Club, does that sound interesting? I first heard about Jaipur Book Lovers club in February when I met Akshay &  Shatabdi of Traveling book fair. Click here to read about it.  I came to know through  Akshay that they were in  Jaipur on an invitation by Jaipur Book Lovers club (JBL). I happened to meet Vipul Morarka, a member of  Jaipur Book Lovers club at the venue. Incidentally, their meet up was in progress at the venue, Home Cafe in C-Scheme. Vipul invited me to join the ongoing session of JBL but due to the paucity of time, I couldn’t do so.

A few weeks ago, someone forwarded an invite by Jaipur Book Lovers Club with a theme “Travel Books” along with details on meetup. Special guest for this meet up was none other than Ms. Dharmedra Kanwar – a famous heritage conservationist in Jaipur. She is also an author of popular guide Jaipur:10 Easy Walks.

jaipur book lovers invite travel writing dharmendra kanwar
Jaipur Book Lovers Club Invite for Books on travel meetup

The subject seemed interesting. I was aware that JBL meets always has an agenda or theme which is pre-decided. Even though the meetup of JBL takes place every alternate Sunday, my schedule doesn’t permit me to attend on a regular basis. It’s a task for me to plan for one. But I definitely wanted to attend this meetup. I reached the venue – Urban Hub cafe, a few minutes late and the session had already started. Luckily, there were many more like me – late and new!!

Venue of Jaipur Book Lovers Club meetup on travel writing –The Urban Cafe, Jaipur
first look, The Urban Hub Cafe Jaipur. Jaipur Book Lovers Club meetup

I was impressed with the warmth showered on new faces by the club members and coordinators alike! Everyone was quite happy & excited. “Bonded by Books” I guess!

Meet up in progress- Jaipur Book Lovers Club

The meeting started with a round of introduction of members. It was interesting to note that there were members from every age group. Students as well as retired people! Along with the introduction round everyone was also supposed to speak about their favorite travel book and author. There were many book lovers who were not into travel books but still, they didn’t want to miss the session and therefore attended this meet. There were travelers who were not into books!! Interesting! It’s good to see people come together on one platform.

Miniature travel guide on Jaipur, Key To Jaipur by Mr OP Joshi. Jaipur Book Lovers Club, Meetup

The session continued with people sharing their thoughts on travel and book reading. One of the member Mr. OP Joshi who was earlier a correspondent pulled out two travel guides he published. One of them was a Pushkar travel guide written in French and while the other one was Jaipur travel guide. The latter is a miniature travel guide on Jaipur city. Pretty unique and awesome though It’s out of print now.

Miniature travel guide to Jaipur – Key To Jaipur by Mr. OP Joshi. Jaipur Book Lovers Club

After this round of discussion, the convener of the meetup asked Ms. Dharmendra Kanwar to talk on her travels and experiences; it was followed by an interactive round with members posing questions to her. She spoke about her experiences of traveling in far off locations in days when women did not have the liberty to travel alone and how her family supported her in these endeavors. She traveled widely across Rajasthan for her writing assignments. An interesting question asked by one of the members – were not authors under pressure to write favorably for their clients whereas the situation demanded otherwise? She was quite upfront that she would never mislead her readers. An interesting point she made was that people refer to books for a long time whereas situation might change over the years. She advised that people should recheck with the current reviews and updates.

Jaipur Book Lovers Club meet up

The Jaipur Book Lovers club session concluded with a group photo and subject for next two meetups. The two-hour meet up was quite interesting. Hearing diverse age group and background coming together for a healthy discussion is quite enlightening.  Even though I was aware of the Jaipur Book Lovers club, being part of it is certainly a different experience. For book lovers in Jaipur, it’s a must attend! Do not miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded book lovers. You can contact Jaipur Book Lovers Club via their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and board on meetup.com

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jaipur book lovers club meetup at the urban hub cafe lal kothi in jaipur
Empty seats post meeting…..The void created by the absence of people! Jaipur Book Lovers Club meet up @ The Urban Hub Cafe, Jaipur



33 thoughts on “All About Jaipur Book Lovers Club

  1. Aww man ….will you STOP this promotion of Jaipur …I want to join that book club …I want to emigrate …at the very least visit one day …it’s top of my list …started the penny jar ….maybe when I’m 60:(

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great! People who love books belong to a different class. I have generally found them to be clear about their actions and outlook towards life. thanks for checking it out! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha! I used to read quite a lot but with limited time and digital alternatives it’s difficult to find time. But I still find some time once in a while provided it’s a small one! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yesterday, I started to read one book… I wish I didn`t start it. It`s quite rude and cruel, but now I have interest in why this novel called like this? It`s “Clockwork Orange” if you`ve heared about it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No I haven’t. my friend lended me a novel 50 shades of grey, a year back haven’t finished that yet cause it’s pretty long. I don’t find much time

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah! So you’re into books. That’s great! The meet-up looked like good fun. And you must have met many like minded people. I had always wanted to go to the Jaipur Literature Festival. Ever attended it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So there wasn’t any one to one connect. maybe when I’m regular face there…
      Yes, I have been attending JLF for last 2-3 years. It’s amazing. Why don’t you come down and experience it? You’ll love it. If you want you can run through the photo journey in one of my post. You can browse the event and activities category from menu and scroll down to locate the post

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