Clouds rush in | Jaipur Sky

It’s October already. Everyone was expecting the mercury to take a plunge. The day temperature was hovering around 38 C. Too hot…for this time of the year! And then the weather God decided to play some game and sent in some dark clouds and rain. As the weather took a U-turn this week, I captured this phenomenon in this picture.

Dark clouds rush in bringing rain and showers. Captured for Skywatch Friday

I shot the above picture of clouds from a moving car on Jaipur-Kota highway, NH 12 during a long weekend drive. Watch out for a detailed post on this long drive..soon!

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54 thoughts on “Clouds rush in | Jaipur Sky

      1. I did, i did. Specially in a dry place like Sujangarh. And it poured just the moment I was leaving for the railway station. And people who came to drop me said, ‘even weather doesn’t want you to leave.’

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  1. Great capture! It isn’t easy to take good photos from inside a moving vehicle – and through glass. I love the way the light streams through the moody-looking clouds. Perhaps you’ll get some respite from the excessive heat now. 38°C sounds awfully hot to me.

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    1. I’ll agree with you on clicking through moving car and glass part. But sometimes, you can work on that. You can push the shutter speed and roll down the window. Sometimes, you’re not that lucky! 38 C is certainly hot, not for tropical place like Jaipur where temperature soars to 46-47 C in summers.The temperature is bound to come down in another 15 days. Thanks for sharing your views. I don’t know why this comment of yours ended in spam folder!

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  2. Once again, gorgeous photo Arv! I think the clouds are often forgotten about when taking pictures so when they are taken they are appreciated. Great timing of the photo too right before the rain and seeing the sun shining through them 🙂

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    1. You are right Jennifer! I love capturing all elements of nature.
      In my opinion, clouds along with sun and light makes a very interesting capture. This particular shot was captured from a car…. 🙂

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      1. Wow that’s impressive from a car!!! 😨 You have a steady hand and a great camera Arv! I feel like I’m 10 years old all over again when I see cloud pics because it reminds me of laying in the grass looking up at them with all the time in the world. 😊

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      2. Wow! It’s not something we do over here in India -laying in grass and enjoying the sky! I’m sure you can that now as well, age is just a number. If we’re fit, our attitude is all that matters! 🙂

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      3. That is so true Arv, age is just a number and it’s our attitude that matters most. You should try laying in the grass there and watching the clouds go by, there are some cool shapes you’ll see at the same time too 🙂

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      4. I sure will Jennifer. I have done that only once during my trip to Kashmir. I hope you have heard about Kashmir, since you have visited India. It has beautiful meadows, which prompts you lay down and enjoy the place. 🙂

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      5. Many people have referred to Kashmir as Heaven on Earth. The current facts don’t favor a visit to Kashmir anytime soon because of the ongoing disturbance. 2017…Maybe!!

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  3. Hey, I also happened to see a similar cloud and light dance sometime in July this year, and had taken a picture. I would show you sometime. It was similar, but not identical. A bit milder that this photograph.

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    1. Jackie! I will suggest you to subscribe to this blog via follow me. Additionally, you can subscribe via email option as well. You’ll find these both on right side panel on blog page.


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