Relaxing! In Black & White

I always found the word “relaxing” quite confusing. What might seem like relaxing to me would often end up as “wasting time” for others. In my opinion, the word “Relax” is quite subjective. Everyone has their own ways to relax.

I have captured the state of relaxing in the following six pictures.

The priest, Monkey Temple at Galtaji, Jaipur

This priest was relaxing & listening to the devotional songs on his iPod at the Galtaji Temple near Jaipur. The stick near his feet is to ward off the monkeys teeming all around in this complex. Even though the foreigners popularly call this temple complex as the Monkey Temple, Galtaji Temple administration is not very happy with this reference. It’s an important temple of Ramanandi sect of Vaishnav Hindus.

Friends, Ghats, and Pushkar Lake

Friends relaxing in the perfect weather at one of the many Ghats on the Pushkar Lake in the holy town of Pushkar, Rajasthan. It’s difficult to enjoy such a calm & serene view during the famous Pushkar Fair.

A devotee at Old Rangji Temple, Pushkar

The old woman in this picture was relaxing and enjoying the warm sunlight on a cold morning in Pushkar at Old Rangji Temple. Even though the new Rangji temple is massive & attracts many people, it’s difficult to forget the former for its architecture, workmanship, following among the devotees and heritage.

Relaxing with a great view of the Amber and Jaigarh fort in the Amer town.

If your idea of relaxing is to sit back and enjoy the great views, then I’m sure you’ll love this place which affords a panoramic view of Amer & Jaigarh Fort.

Relaxing at Jaipur Literature Festival

There’s always a mad rush at the Jaipur Literature Festival; too many things happening at the same time – sessions taking place in 5-6 venues, simultaneously. Diggi Palace, the venue of JLF appears cramped, with visitors teeming all around. Despite all this, a couple finds space and time to relax in the warm January Sun!


Basking in the Sun! I shot the above picture at the Johari Bazaar during winters. The street dog surely has some choice!

What’s your idea of relaxing?

This post is inspired by Relax- Weekly Photo Challenge.

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74 thoughts on “Relaxing! In Black & White

  1. Great photos Arv of people and this adorable yet wise dog at the end! 🙂 I like the black and white effect, it gives a new perspective on everything. For me, relaxing in winter is being under a big warm blanket by the fireplace sipping tea or hot chocolate 😉 In summer, I am drawn to water so I can sit on the shores of a river or lake for hours and watch the boats go by. 🙂

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  2. Your post made think about the people who have a negative attitude about the word ‘relax’. Perhaps they think the word is related to lax meaning lazy and irresponsible. I like to relax after a hard day’s work at our beautiful lake in the summer or at home spending some time with friends. The three on the bench virtually radiate the spirit of relaxation. Great photos!

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    1. You are right. For many people relaxation is synonymous with laziness. It’s high time that they realize that relaxation improves productivity. Humans are not machines, nature requires us to give ourselves some rest too.
      Thanks for appreciating the picture.
      You sure live in beautiful environs. That’s a great place to unwind! Thanks for offering your perspective 🙂

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    1. Oh my my… Wow! What a coincidence!
      Frankly I shot this picture from a distance. Everyone was so paranoid of camera in my hand. Photography is prohibited inside temple but the paranoia continues elsewhere too. I decided its best to stay away from the temple gate else someone will end up lecturing me on photography prohibition rule.
      When did you visit pushker?


  3. Quite a few interpretations of relaxing here, Arv. Very thoughtful as usual. I really like the first shot of the priest at Galtaji Temple, and I was not expecting him to wear headphones and enjoying songs on an iPod. It seems as if he is finding solace in what he is listening in…even tuning out the monkeys who may be near by. I suppose there is only so much monkeying around one can take, and by losing ourself in our favourite tunes we keep our sanity. I hope those monkeys weren’t a bother to you yourself…

    It is a beautiful view over the Amber and Jaigarh fort. I spy rolling hills in the distance. Is that you sitting there? 🙂 I don’t know if I will be brave enough to sit on the ledge there. Guessing it’s quite a long way down…

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    1. Even I was surprised to find him using an iPod. Today technology has become accessible and it’s good to see it spread all around and help everyone enjoy their life. There were hundreds of monkeys all around. You have to be careful even though I was not afraid. Been visiting Galta temples for Years now. No Mabel that’s not me. I’m usually behind the camera! I guess I need to post my pictures too since many bloggers are curious as I have not posted my picture anywhere. What are your thoughts? 😉
      Btw it’s not that scary, it’s fun actually! I too love these views.
      Mabel thank you for sharing your thoughts here.


      1. I love monkeys, and one day when I visit you have to take me on a monkey walk and tell me where to walk. And not to walk 😉

        You know, I am on your side on this one. I’m not a huge fan of sharing my face or myself either in pictures. And I prefer it that way, and prefer mystery and let my writing, photos and blog speak for itself. Also I am shy 😉

        Fun climbing up like that? Well, you have to teach me too 😀

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      2. Mabel, don’t worry on that part. I’ll ensure you get to see and experience everything that’s worth your time. That’s what friends are for. 🙂
        Well said but you do have a recognizable dp. 😉
        Climbing? Well I always choose what’s safe. 🙂


      3. Looking forward to meeting you in person some day, Arv. I will bring my camera along and you can show me the sights in Jaipur. India is such a colourful country from what I’ve read in the blog world. And of course from your photos 🙂

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      4. I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, living in these countries too apart from traveling around. One day, I will come to India. It sounds like the most bustling city in the Asian region 🙂

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      5. If you have lived in Malaysia and Indonesia, you’ll find many things similar, e.g. lots of people, noise, smell to name a few! For an American or European …these three things are the most striking. I feel there are many similarities in Asian countries. I guess it’ll be interesting to hear your account after your India trip. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Divya! I feel some pictures convey better if in black and white. It allows us to look at things from a different perspective.
      Books? I love them too but lately I enjoy photography much more 🙂

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  5. Hello there! Again and again, i’m telling this. But won’t stop now. I just love your inputs along with the pictures! Wow! What a lovely theme and what a well chose set of varied pictures!

    For me relaxing is,
    1) sneaking few minutes from the daily schedule to make lemon tea and then enjoying it with any of the family member who is around.
    2) sitting in the woods while looking at the tree tops and flying birds
    3) sitting with a book either in my balcony or in a place which overlooks a mountain valley. Any place is acceptable as long as i can dive in the book 😛

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    1. Sounds like a big bibliophile!! That’s great Mana. Books definitely shape your persona…for good!
      sitting in woods? well, I guess we have something in common here.
      Do you get such opportunities Mana?
      And don’t worry, you are welcome to write whatever you want to…feel free to do so! 🙂


      1. City life doesn’t give such opportunities often but i’ve been lucky to be working/studying in a place surrounded by lots and lots of old trees. And most of greenery is breaths without any meddling of gardeners. It gives that wood-like feeling. So when I wander in the campus I get that opportunity.

        But in your trekking and hiking you must be finding such real opportunities!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Mana, unless I’m trekking in Himalayas, there are not many trees around here. The ones that dot the landscape are a different kind that survive on a tough semi-arid dry conditions. So they are not tall, and have very less green cover. Something like Babool or Acasia! In Himalayas of course, one comes across tall dense green cover! 🙂


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