Jaipur Art Summit 2016 | Snapshots

Jaipur Art Summit concluded recently at Ravindra Manch, Jaipur. Jaipur Art Summit is one of the new age contemporary art festivals in Jaipur. Jaipur Art Summit provides a strong boost to the art and culture in Jaipur which is quite active. Ravindra Manch was once a popular venue in Jaipur for theater and drama, but it fell out over the years because of various reasons. The authorities are revamping the entire place with the renovation activity and new investment in the setup. The facade of the Ravindra Manch reminds us of the building designs prevalent during the late sixties and seventies.

Jaipur Art Summit at Ravindra Manch, Jaipur


You can check up on the last year’s summit here in this post, Jaipur Art Summit/Art lovers congregate in pink City

The moment one enters the venue, this Kathputli (puppet) installation under the tree grabs your attention.

Puppet Installation on women empowerment. Jaipur Art Summit

Puppets are a popular souvenir the tourist carries from Rajasthan. This installation by Vrinda Haldia and Umakant Meena conveys the message of women empowerment.

Kathputli with an iPhone. Jaipur Art Summit

This puppet with an iPhone is a felicitation of women and Rajasthani Art & culture. The large size of puppets symbolizes generosity, dedication, independence, confidence and sacrificing nature of women. As for an iPhone, it conveys the message that if given a chance, women can outperform everywhere, be it home or workplace.

Installation on Women Empowerment by Vrinda Haldia and Umakant Meena at Jaipur Art Summit

The smaller puppets symbolize the advancements made by women in various fields like sports, workspace, art and culture and so on. All these puppets have been named after the famous women who have made their marks in various fields be it politics, armed forces or space.



In one of the sections, there was a painting and artifact exhibition. It included interesting stuff and art installation too.

Paintings and Artifacts in one of the galleries at Jaipur Art Summit.


I found the installation “Fly away pollen, Spread the beauty” by the famous artist Mr. Gopal Namjoshi made using scrap and daily products like spark plugs, ball bearing, acrylic, locks very interesting. It draws attention to the various types of insects on the planet Earth, which form a  very important part of our ecosystem.

Fly Away Pollen, Spread the beauty by Mr. Gopal Namjoshi. Jaipur Art Summit
Visitors admiring installation by Mr. Gopal Namjoshi. Jaipur Art Summit


In another section, many artists from abroad were performing a live demonstration of art from their country. There were artists from Iran, Azerbaijan, Sudan, Afghanistan, China and so on.

Visitors at Live demonstration of International arts. Jaipur Art Summit
Artist from Iran giving shape to creativity. Jaipur Art Summit
Jaipur Art Summit
Beautiful creations from Iran. Jaipur Art Summit
Artists demonstrating Woodblock art from China. Jaipur Art Summit


Among the important art installations were two installations from Ms. Kanika Bawa, who holds the Limca Book of Record under Made In India platform. The first one was the largest Kolhapuri Chappals and included a 10’6″ and 8’6″ installations.

Largest Kolhapuri Chhapals in the world installation by Ms. Kanika Bawa. Jaipur Art Summit


She tries to draw attention to this otherwise fading industry of the handmade Kolhapuri Chappals.

Another view of Kolhapuri Chhapals at Jaipur Art Summit


The second installation was the largest Kathakali chair, dedicated to the ancient dance of India, Kathakali. This Kathakali chair is 10’6″ tall.

Kathakali Chair installation by Ms. Kanika Bawa at Jaipur Art Summit

The day wound up with an impressive performance of Than-Ta which is a cultural war art from the state of Manipur, India. The traditional name of Thang-Ta is Huyel Langlon, the martial art of Manipur.

I’m posting two videos that depict the heritage martial art of Thang-Ta in a better way than pictures. Do watch both these videos.




Thang-Ta, a traditional martial art from Manipur, India. Jaipur Art Summit

Here are some more pictures from Jaipur Art Summit.

Jaipur Art Summit
Live Sketching and painting of portrait at Jaipur Art Summit
Creations on display by a Rajasthani artist of Hindu Gods and deities at Jaipur Art Summit
Students hanging out at Jaipur Art Summit
Tools used by an artist during the live demonstration of Chinese Wood Block. Jaipur Art Summit.

Even the effect of the recent Demonetization of high-value Indian currency notes was visible at Jaipur Art Summit. Artists take of the Demonetization in India


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Paintbrushes for sale at Jaipur Art Summit.


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      1. ah! they are also being sold as a tourist souvenir in the tourist places here in Jaipur. So good reason to visit and explore the city. 🙂


    1. There’s so much diversity in various regions of Rajasthan as far as art is concerned. If you love miniature art then you must search for Bundi miniature painting which developed as a fusion of different styles. Even Kishangarh style is quite unique!
      Puppet is a very popular tourist souvenir! 🙂

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  1. What an impressive event! Each exhibition seems worth witnessing in person. If life permits, would love to visit this art summit one day! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photographs.

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    1. Yes it is interesting Somali. it’s not huge but I’m sure art lovers will enjoy it. There are many other art events taking place. You also love art …I’m sure you can judge it as well. 😃

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