Shikaar Bagh Jaipur. Hunting & Yore over Food & drinks!

Shikaar Bagh Jaipur is a newly opened restaurant cum bar at the popular Narain Niwas Hotel. Shikaar Bagh replicates the atmosphere of bygone days of royalty and hunting. In some ways, it also depicts life during the Raj era!



Shikaar in Hindi means hunting. Bagh means the garden. Hunting in India as a sport was banned long ago and it is a criminal offense. Shikaar Bagh has nothing to do with hunting sport but it recreates the ambiance of the bygone era i.e. hunting lodges. Even then Shikaar Bagh doesn’t have feel & look of Indian Hunting lodges which erstwhile kings commissioned in their states. Hunting was a favorite sport of Rajput rulers; it was a regal sport. They also hosted many hunting parties for visiting British political agents and officers since India was a British colony until 1947.

Gayatri Devi, queen of Jaipur along with British guests on a hunting party
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As per written accounts, hunting by royalty lead to the extinction of the Tiger population in India. The Tiger population was wiped off by the 1950s from most hunting reserves in Rajasthan. Royalty and British officers continued to engage in their favorite sport at the cost of the Tiger population! Many believe Britishers were responsible for wiping out of the Tiger population across the Indian subcontinent.


I visited Shikaar bagh during late evening with friends; the best time to soak and enjoy the perfect weather. Evenings in October are famed for perfect weather in this part of the world. Despite not advertising Shikaar Bagh was buzzing with people. Word of mouth publicity, perhaps!


shikaar bagh jaipur late night bar timing kanota


With just a table left to accommodate our entire gang at an outdoor seating, we didn’t have many options! We opted to seat at upper deck which is open to air from all four sides. We heard that indoor lounge on the ground floor has a great interior too.


The furniture and setting make a departure from the trendy and casual seating arrangement which is popular nowadays. The dimly lit place with wood and leather furniture reminds us of pre-1980’s era.



With menu cards delivered at the table soon, everyone placed the orders. There’s quite a bit on the offer. Unlike Bar Palladio which has a limited menu, Shikaar Bagh offers the full menu in both drinks and food.


First drinks were delivered along with potato wedges. People who ordered beer were the happiest. The ones who ordered Sangria were really unhappy. They found it a towards a sweeter side! Maybe the choice of wine that goes into making Sangria wasn’t that good!



And then the pizza arrived which was not edible as the base wasn’t baked well.  Steward was called and explained. He promptly agreed to re-do it! Our pizza was given another shot of oven and brought back.  The taste, however, wasn’t that good. I’m sure making a good pizza is not difficult these days; even small cafes in Jaipur make excellent thin crust pizzas! There was no problem with potato wedges though. The service was excellent.



Located next to Bar Palladio, another popular hangout place with beautiful interiors inspired by peacock-blue color interiors. Here is a picture of Bar Palladio. You can check out my earlier post on Bar Palladio – Bar Palladio Jaipur | Chic bar of Jaipur


Overall, Shikaar Bagh is a great place. I hope that the team takes care of food, our only grouse! Even though Bar Palladio offers distinctive and stunning interiors, it fails in providing choices in its menu. The seating option at Bar Palladio is limiting as outdoor seats are neither comfortable nor it can accommodate large groups. Shikaar Bagh fills this void!. Shikaar Bagh is worth visiting for the ambiance and yore!

shikaar bagh restaurant jaipur narain niws hotel

check out my earlier post on Bar Palladio – Bar Palladio Jaipur/ Chic bar of Jaipur/ iphonography. Read more on Jaipur Food Guide


Hotel Narain Niwas near Police Memorial, Jaipur

Place Like Shikaar Bagh In jaipur

A good alternative to Shikaar Bagh is newly opened Townsend Kitchen on MD Road. Townsend also replicate the ambiance of hunting lodge. In many ways, its ambiance is better than Shikaar Bagh. On the flip-side, Townsend is much smaller. Here is a picture of Townsend Kitchen.


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76 thoughts on “Shikaar Bagh Jaipur. Hunting & Yore over Food & drinks!

    1. You are bang on. Well everyone visits restaurant to eat and enjoy food. It is logical to expect a good meal. In my case, I visit many places for its ambience and to catch up with friends during late evening/night. I do feel if a place offers more than just food, ambience in this case it is worth visiting again and provide them benefit of doubt. If there’s no other reason, there are plenty of other choices. 😃

      Liked by 2 people

  1. I was surprised to learn that in a restaurant with so much ambience and feel for the olden days they could not prepare a tasty pizza. I was also saddened to read the tiger population was wiped out by British hunters in India. Another fine informative post, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always give another chance if there’s something more than just food. Maybe it was a bad day for the cook. May be for some other reason… If the place offers more than one reason, it makes sense to give benefit of doubt. Tiger population? Well I suspect in few years from now we may not have enough to survive till next century. That’s a bad luck for mankind. Chinese medicine is one of the key markets where all these dead animals end up in some form. Population pressure in India is only compounding this issue with shrinking forests and corrupt officials. I’m afraid we can’t do much about it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Arv!, I like the way you so conscientiously respond to my comments. You often have some additional information to clarify the problems, as in this case with the disappearing tigers of India. Thank you!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I feel while hunting lodge as a concept might be novel and good as far as dining is concerned but there’s a dark side too. That’s what popped in my mind. I appreciate how you make it a point to comment on all my posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😃

        Liked by 1 person

      1. We actually met in India over three years ago. We fell in love with the mountains up north, but really want to head to Kerala or Udaipur/Jaipur region as well as going to Sikkim and Darjeeling!

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  2. It would be so cool to visit this place. I’ve got it on my bucket list but I don’t know if I’ll get there or not. Thanks for sharing such an awesome city with all of us and I’m so glad hunting is outlawed now. I hate to see any animal hunted down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lisa, I hope you get to visit and experience Jaipur and India! Unfortunately, mankind has realized the dark side of hunting a bit too late! I wish we would have taken good and sane decisions at least a century ago. Things would have been different now! what do you think?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lisa, while this is true what I meant was that humans have killed all other species for their own gains. with arrival of modern weapon system placed other species at a great disadvantage. Add to that shrinking forest cover, their natural habitat!


      2. You are right, Arv. It’s unfortunate that we’re so destructive. All species have a right to be here. It makes me sad to think how we’re destroying the earth and many of its species. We should be taking care of it and trying to live in harmony.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure they will find out! Since no one really asked so I never passed it on to them! Very few restaurants and bars here want to hear their customers. Their loss!!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Fiona! 🙂


  3. With food I’ll try a bar/restaurant once and then go back a second time to see if my first impression, good or bad has changed, Arv.

    If I really like a place I will visit often but I have seen popular restaurants get too complacent and the food offered usually suffers. Then it’s time to move on.

    Saying that I enjoy trying different food styles and so do get out quite often to restaurants, although where I live we have limited choice, mainly UK Pub Grub (can be good or bad), Chinese, Indian or Italian.

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    1. Mike, over the period of time, I have realized that very few new restaurant or food joints are in for a long haul! So not all excels at food and take it seriously! I have become little choosy when it comes to new places because of this. Nevertheless I do try new places once in a while!

      You are right, they do become complacent after some time. Do you visit Indian restaurants? I believe tandoori chicken is one of the favorite dish in UK!


  4. I believe the British are at fault for killing all the Tigers, such a shame! Then there is a certain American who still thinks killing big game is a sport, sickening! The only hunting should be for food, not for fun!
    Beautiful bar too bad about the pizza! 😦
    Cheers! Teresa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Teresa, It is a big loss for mankind whoever did it. If someone still feels that hunting a great, we should turn the table over for him! Let this person be hunted! Extreme? yes, but it surely is befitting in current scenario! I hope that things will be better when I re-visit! Thanks for sharing your views!

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  5. It looks very chi chi and rather smart, but I was more interested in your old photos and the history of how we eradicated the poor old Tiger… I do believe you are right. The Brits are responsible for a lot of sh!t
    I guess these restaurants are becoming more popular, although I love the atmosphere of the older style ones…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t say that Brits are responsible in entirety. The Indian royalty too is responsible as mentioned above. I didn’t get Which ones you are referring to – old style ones.


  6. Loved the heritage aspect of the hotel but was surprised to read about your food experience, Arv.
    Hope they realize that the distinctive interiors can only attract the visitors once. Incompetency in the food department is a big turn-off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ragini, Even though the city is undergoing cafe and food revolution, but sadly very few people understand food. You are bang on with that observation. That’s exactly how people act. Good food and bad interiors still works. But other way around? …..that’s short lived. But I also follow one principle, if the place has some USP and they have failed on food once, I give them another chance. If they still fail…there are plenty of options!


  7. An excellent continuation from your last post about this restaurant and a good review of the service and foods on offer. Hopefully the pizza will improve before you visit again.
    As for the hunting of animals, namely tigers in this instance, I can only agree that the British (particularly the ‘upper classes’) were obsessed with hunting and collecting trophies. It was shameful – and still is! Reading about the plight of the Indian tiger makes me ashamed to be British! Although hunting is illegal now, it seems clear that it still goes on. It’s all so sad and makes me despair for the future of many species on the endangered list.
    Very interesting post, Arv.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Millie, My intention is not to typecast any nationality and these are merely facts. I think Indian prince and rulers were also doing the same thing. Poaching still happens across the world; it’s a shame. Thank you for offering your point of view. Appreciate your honest thought on this, Millie. I’m hoping that food will improve on my next visit, will update it here. 🙂


      1. Aha, I keep meaning to make the switch but always get stuck somewhere along in the process! And then get busy with other things. I’m going to try and get it done in the summer.

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      2. I’m sure it will help you reach out to more bloggers and friends, Ruth! Trust me it’s worth it. I have had a blogspot blog and I can see a big difference.


    1. Exactly! I think our past generations had this false notion that it a masculine feature. Maybe “being brave” or “Real Man”. Unfortunately, this false sense has resulted in the extinction of many species from this planet. Something that can never be undone! Thanks for the share. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Too bad the food wasn’t good because I liked the throwback atmosphere. Too many places these days are garish and overlit, but this place looks like it would be great to sit back and enjoy the company you’re with…if only the food was good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jennifer, this place is packed. It is ambiance! It is a great place to sit and catch up with friends and family. I have heard similar feedback from other people also when it comes to food. They need to improve. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jennifer! 🙂


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