Bewildered | Jaipur Street Photography

I have posted a couple of pictures from Jaipur street over the last few months. Even though I was never into street photography for the reasons I mentioned in 11 Seconds, my views seem to have changed as I went around for street life photography. I will talk about it in detail in my upcoming post.

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I am sharing this picture from my street photography walk in Jaipur.


I found his expression curious. Why? Because his eyes convey anger whereas his face suggests he is astonished. What do you think?

One of the important aspects of street photography is being candid. The moment someone knows that you are clicking, the expressions change. Photographers and people have different approaches & thoughts towards street photography though.

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106 thoughts on “Bewildered | Jaipur Street Photography

  1. Well captured, Arv. I found that he looks disgusted on something. I am not so expert in capturing people’s expression on photography. My street photography collection more likely described general situation on the streets. By the way, when you captured your subject, and he/she found it that you’re taking their photos, did you ask their permission to publish the photo? I just wonder how they react about it…

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    1. Nurul, this person was not aware that I was capturing him. Even I have just started with the street photography. I have already shared a bit on my thoughts on Street photography in one of my post – 11 seconds. I’ll be sharing ​more on this subject in upcoming post. So keep a watch, Nurul πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. He looks disturbed as if someone has disturbed him when he was engrossed in her own world. There is anger of not are to focus
    Good capture.


  3. I love Jaipur, partly because my husband’s family belongs to the nearby area – Bhojnagar – Jhunjhunu. I have visited Jaipur a couple of times and find it so colourful and beautiful. Glad you took up writing on Jaipur. Good luck!


  4. I loved this candid capture. Only when people are not aware that they are being photographed you get the best shots. This man is in deep thought, tensed by something, trying to figure out how to come out of the phase or something like that. That’s what I feel.


  5. It is so interesting… To be honest he could be thinking anything…

    What one assumes about someone is coloured by our own lens… By what we have experienced through our senses…

    I am curious if it is needed to ask for permission when you take pictures of subjects to post and share on social media…


  6. He’s obviously waiting for someone and is holding the phone, probably waiting for a call and could have even been tapping the screen in annoyance that he’s being made to wait. He wears a shirt, yet keeps his pen in the trouser pocket. In the case that he’s wearing a pocketless shirt, the reason could be he doesn’t want others to see the pen and borrow it. Ok, I’ll stop. Great click, btw


  7. Your picture speaks a thousand words. One can write full story on the facial expression that you have so beautifully managed to capture.

    Street photography is an art by itself and it needs both a craft of doing it diligently and also the creativity while doing the act. The moment you make the subject aware of your click the very moment is gone from his expression and it is those natural positions and postures that makes the picture so crafty.

    There is lot of noise and there is chaos in the streets and never easy to figure out the right subject and get the stuff in place to press the perfect click. He is curiously looking at something and his frown in the face says it all. πŸ˜€

    #MyFriendAlexa, #MakeupReads


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